Free appointment scheduling app for iPhone.

Book appointments and keep your calendar in-check from Anywhere. Your Setmore iOS app goes where you go.
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Your appointments are just a tap away.

Less and less of us are tied to a desk from 9 to 5. In fact, 78% of CEOs agree that remote collaboration is here to stay long-term (PwC).

That’s why the Setmore mobile app for iOS was introduced. Connect with customers and run your business from where you choose. Tap the app to experience easy, intuitive iPhone scheduling.

  • Fill your calendar

    Confirm future bookings no matter where your work takes you. Schedule appointments in-person or accept them through your Booking Page 24/7.

  • Manage your business

    Access a real-time view of your schedule, customer lists and all staff calendars. Coordinating your team has never been this easy.

  • Get instant updates

    Stay in the loop with in-app alerts when an appointment is booked, rescheduled or canceled. Your Setmore calendar updates automatically.

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An all-in-one appointment app for iPhone.

Create your online Booking Page and empower customers to self-schedule appointments around-the-clock. Your iPhone scheduler app confirms bookings and updates your calendar, while you’re busy sharing your skills.

Travelling from client to client? Confirm follow-up appointments and accept payments in person, in seconds.

Run your mobile business.

Phone in-hand? Perfect. That’s all you need to access your calendar, organize your team and book appointments on-the-go.

Store all your booking details and text, call, or video call customers straight from your app. Forget being laptop-bound with Setmore in your pocket.

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Keep everyone on the same page.

When an appointment is set through your calendar or Booking Page, the service provider and customer receive immediate confirmations. Cut down on no-shows by automating email or text reminders on the lead-up.

Any time a booking changes, you get an instant alert from your iPhone appointment app. You can even activate push notifications for extra convenience.

Host crystal-clear video meetings.

Connect with your customers from any location. When a video service is booked, Setmore automatically fires out a Teleport or Zoom link. When it’s time to meet, you both just tap to join.
In a hurry? Chat face-to-face in a snap with Instant Teleport.

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Manage your calendar on-the-move.


  • Yes, your appointment scheduling app for iOS ensures your Booking Page only displays available time slots. When an appointment is added to your Setmore calendar, the time is automatically blocked from your Booking Page.

  • Open the Calendar tab, tap the (+) button and choose ‘+ Appointment’. Select a service, the provider, and a date and time. From here, add a customer and process payment if mandatory. In the top right corner, tap ‘Done’ and the appointment is confirmed. The booking will appear in your Setmore calendar, and both the service provider and customer receive an email confirmation.

    Here’s our guide to adding, rescheduling and canceling bookings through your appointment calendar app for iPhone.

  • In your calendar, tap the (+) button and choose ‘+ Appointment’. Select a service and customer and scroll to the ‘Repeat’ field. Tap ‘Repeat’ and decide how often the appointment will recur: daily, weekly, or monthly. In the top right corner, press ‘Done’ to save the appointment details. An overall booking confirmation, for all sessions within the series, is sent to your customer. They’ll also get individual reminders via email before each session.

    Learn more about setting recurring appointments on iOS.

  • Scheduling team meetings is simple using your iPhone employee scheduling app. To start, set up a class service for ‘Staff meeting’ or similar. In your Setmore calendar, review team schedules and find a meeting time that suits everyone. Tap the available time slot and add a class session. You can then choose staff members to invite.

    Save your class session and Setmore will send all participants an email notification. The time set aside for the meeting will also be blocked from their calendars.

    You can utilize this process for booking training, branch meetings and catch-ups. Learn more about staff scheduling with your iPhone app at our Support Center.

  • Yes. Activate the Teleport or Zoom integration to offer services virtually. For video-enabled services, online meeting links are automatically included in participants’ booking confirmations.

    For more information on how to offer virtual services, read our support articles for Teleport and Zoom. With a video meeting scheduler app for iPhone, you can also accept payments for your services online.

  • Yes, your appointment scheduler app for iPhone enables you to take debit card, credit card, digital wallet and cash payments.

    To process debit and credit card transactions, opt for the Square or Stripe integration. The PayPal integration also facilitates payment via a customer’s wallet balance. Setmore cash register is available on all plans to help you keep track of in-person cash payments. This is invaluable to those who navigate the floor, travel to clients or run a mobile business.

    Your transaction information is syncable with popular accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Xero.

  • Yes, your iPhone app for scheduling appointments can fire out digital receipts to customers. Choose which of Setmore’s payment integrations works best for you. When customers pay for appointments through your Booking Page, or you process transactions through your calendar, payment details are displayed in their email confirmations.

    You can view receipts in the ‘Payments’ tab of your account, or by tapping individual Appointment Details in your calendar.

  • Read our step-by-step guide to activating mobile app notifications. Receive calendar updates and appointment reminders on your home screen.

  • The Setmore iPhone app for scheduling appointments has countless use cases. Mobile business owners accept bookings while they’re on-the-move, host video meetings with customers, process payments, and more.

    Many medical service providers, retailers and barbershops employ our iOS app as staff aren’t bound to a workspace. This enables team members to keep their calendars in check while attending to other tasks.

    Use your iPhone app for scheduling phone calls, consultations, classes, virtual events and more. Discover more industries that benefit from an iOS appointment scheduler.

  • Yes. your free appointment app for iPhone syncs information across other devices associated with your Setmore account. Whether you edit customer contact details or process payment, your iOS app reflects changes in real-time, on web, tablet and mobile devices.

    You can adjust who has access to different types of data with account permissions.

  • Yes. With a Setmore Free account, you can enable 1-way sync with your Google, Outlook or Apple calendars. If you opt for Pro or Team, you get access to 2-way calendar syncs that reflect events across Setmore and external calendars. Appointment details from your iOS scheduling app can be added to Google calendars to reduce double-booking and last-minute rescheduling.

    Learn more about calendar sync options.

  • Visit the dedicated section to the iOS app at our Support Center. Learn how to create appointment slots, update your timezone, activate Setmore cash register, change your work hours, and more. If you have any questions about setting up your iPhone scheduling app for multiple users, reach out to us 24/7.

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