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Now manage appointments from anywhere and everywhere with Setmore’s iOS app, your personal Appointment Scheduler on wheels.

Your iOS Device Gets The Setmore Touch

It is time for scheduling appointments the smartest way possible that too from your favorite iOS device. An appointment scheduler that goes around with you, wherever you go, is here. Setmore’s free appointment scheduling iOS app lets you stay in touch with your business meetings, customers, staffs and more, even when you are miles away from your desk station.

iOS App

Setmore- Compact, Mobile, And Robust

The app is intended to fit the small screen of your iOS devices just perfectly, but Setmore also did not give up on its powerful stature during this transition. With the Setmore iOS app, your appointment management schedule gets lighter and stays in the cloud. Take the cue and leave behind those bulky notebooks because appointment scheduling turns smart and mobile.

  • Remain connected to your business with the iOS app and an active data connection, always.
  • Your calendar fits your iOS device; book, reserve and edit appointments on the go.
  • The information sync between devices is perfect and instant.
  • Setmore’s iOS app gets regular updates and bug fixes, and it is free.

Manage Appointments on the Go

The iOS app brings Setmore to your iPhone’s and iPad’s, devices that are your virtual companions, to make appointment management as easy and instant as it gets. Share your booking page, fix appointments, take hold of your schedule and staffs agenda and do much more, you are bound to be surprised.

The Setmore iOS app is powerful by all means mobile. Feel free to dig in our premium plan if you know what you need. If you are just starting out, register with our free plan with no long or short term commitments. Yes, our standard plan is free for life with no if’s or but’s attached. Upon signing up, you immediately conjoin the league of our super happy and astoundingly satisfied customers. We also have a team of friendly and experienced support specialists who are available for your assistance, round the clock. Let’s get started from here if you have not already, We’ve got your back!

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