Enable Staff to Book Appointments with Customers

Mobilize your team to manage their own business appointment calendars, receive alerts and reminders, and promote their availability online. Start now!


Staff-Managed Customer Bookings

Setmore has a space for your staff profiles, where you can add descriptions, working hours, break times, contact information, and even upload a profile picture that will display on your customer-facing Booking Page. Every staff profile in Setmore has its own calendar, allowing you to book appointments for multiple employees and have it all tied to one, easy-to-manage admin account. This gives you a top-down view of everyone’s schedule in your business, making it easy to know who’s doing what, when they’re doing it, and with which customer.

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Let Your Team Drive Their Own Customer Scheduling Success

Prefer a more hands-off approach? Using the Staff Login feature, you can activate your team members by giving them individual usernames/passwords to access your main Setmore account. Staff members will be able to manage their own calendars, book their own appointments, and even promote their availability online. Specify varying access levels to control which menus and calendars your team can see and edit:

  • Staff only have access to their own calendars
  • Receptionists have access to all staff calendars
  • Admins have access to everything, including account settings

Simplify Customer Scheduling by Keeping Team Members in the Know

Setmore will help stabilize the orbit of your staff members and make sure everyone’s on the same page. Leverage Setmore’s calendar sync capabilities so that team members can link their Setmore schedules to their personal Google, Office, or Apple calendars. Setmore’s built-in email notification and reminder system can ping their inboxes anytime they receive new appointments, reschedules, or cancellations.

Connecting Businesses with Their Customers

Not only is Setmore a great platform to help connect your business with its customers, but it also helps connect your customers to the service providers they’ll be working with, and it helps your staff members connect with each other. With all the gears connecting, you can run your business more efficiently, respond to problems and challenges quicker, and deliver higher quality of service overall.