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nau athletics blog feature

Keeping NAU’s athletes on top of their game.

Team Setmore sat down with Amanda Bock, an athletic trainer at Northern Arizona University. Focusing on sports injury prevention and evaluation, NAU Sports Medicine utilizes Setmore to schedule their NCAA division-one athletes.

The university’s successful sports programs have earned championships across swimming, diving, volleyball, tennis, and more. Amanda is a core contributor to ensuring athletes stay in top form.

Following a passion for helping people.

“I’ve had a passion for understanding the human body. And also, I love sports. So this kind of combines all those things together,” Amanda begins. “And it’s really exciting to work with athletes of [a] high-caliber because you get to be a lot more creative with your rehabilitation process.”

Watching athletes achieve their goals is the most rewarding part of Amanda’s role. Her entire team is bonded through a will to assist others in their success, ensuring students get the best possible care.


keeping naus athletes

A family-centric and supportive atmosphere is what athletes can expect in NAU’s training rooms. Amanda tells us, “They will feel welcomed, they will feel cared about, and they will feel motivated to do their evaluation or rehab.”

Serving over 300 student athletes, Amanda’s team of certified trainers use Setmore to manage their schedules and book athletes for multiple healthcare services.

“Setmore has been really helpful for us because our athletes can easily schedule appointments with whichever healthcare provider they’re looking for, and determine what services they need. Sometimes, someone’s schedule is booked, but student athletes have access to multiple providers through Setmore. So we can always get them in quickly.”

sports medicine team

The NAU Sports Medicine team is on a mission to provide top-notch care to more athletes. Reviewing past booking data in Setmore helps Amanda’s team present progress to coaches and administration so they can grow and enhance their services. 

“It’s been very helpful for us to be able to log our data. In May, we pulled the data, like ‘How many injury evaluations have we done this past year?’, ‘How many rehabilitations have we done this past year?’. And we can even break it down by sport [and] which student athletes are utilizing Setmore the most often.“

Managing clinic traffic.

The pandemic presented a number of challenges to sports medicine. From its typical hands-on service for rehabilitation, NAU moved to telehealth. Amanda tells us, “We utilize telehealth the most to limit risk. That was really important for us.

Appointment booking software also helped Amanda’s team manage footfall. The trainer says, “We could monitor how many student athletes or patients were in our clinic at a time. And, we could make sure that that allowed for adequate social distancing.”

Automation has been a highlight of Setmore for Amanda’s team. She tells us, “We set the hours that we’re available. Our student athletes know that we’re available then, and it gives them a lot of autonomy for their healthcare. It’s just been super helpful to our entire staff.”

the life of athlete

Cutting through the noise.

A student athlete’s schedule is intense. Not only do they factor in practice and competitive events, but they’ve also got a full course load.

To keep rehab plans on track, Amanda discusses how text reminders are a necessity. This also ensures the prep prior to an appointment doesn’t go to waste.

“With text reminders, we hardly have any people not showing up to their appointments. So for them to be able to have appointment reminders is very helpful.”

An automated schedule for a smooth-running day.

NAU Sports Medicine team members access daily schedules on their smartphones. 

“We all have smartphones, so we kind of rely on our Setmore calendars now, more than our phone calendars.”

Typically, Amanda logs into her Setmore app in the morning to see her schedule for the day. With students allowed to book appointments 12 hours prior, she heads for a good night’s sleep at 9pm and wakes up to a student booking at 9am. 

With Setmore able to confirm appointments 24/7, she can spend more time catering to her patients. By blocking out meetings and personal time in her online calendar, Amanda’s Booking Page only displays times she’s available. She doesn’t need to inform anyone personally and limits booking conflicts.

A shoutout to customer service.

“One thing that I love about Setmore is the customer service people. They always helped me every single time. I called them especially at the beginning when we first started using it [Setmore]. I called them daily, and it would take five minutes and my question would be completely resolved. And I learned how to utilize Setmore better.”

We love to hear it. NAU Sports Medicine created a booking system tailored to their staff and athletes. Team Setmore can help your business with that too. Click here to book a demo >

Future plans for Amanda’s team.

NAU is soon to roll out a brand-new Health and Performance Center, featuring facilities like a strength and conditioning weight room. New gear and gadgets are set to level-up the Sports Medicine department, facilitating further innovation at the university.

Amanda leaves us with advice for anyone looking to build a career in athletic training: “Go in and do job shadowing, and experience all of those settings and see if it fits you. I think all of us as athletic trainers really feel a calling to help people. So if you feel a calling to help people, you’re passionate about the human body and you enjoy sports, then this is the field for you.”

For more videos and guides related to the medical industry, visit Setmore’s resources section. If you run a clinic or physical therapy business, automated online booking saves you time, while keeping your service personalized. Learn more about medical appointment scheduling and create your free account.


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