Add More To Appointment Scheduling

So is the purpose of an appointment scheduler restricted solely to appointment scheduling? Well, think again. One of the reasons why Setmore is all the more powerful lies in its ability to do things beyond appointment scheduling. Businesses mean much more than appointments and attributes like an automatic email reminder service, helps you cut back on one of the eminent threats that affect your business; No Shows.

Email Reminders

Reminders that Reach On Time

When would you like the notification email sent out to the customers? Upon booking an appointment? During appointment cancellation or rescheduling? Now, stop exercising manual templates and configure the instances during which Email notification should be triggered, Setmore will handle the rest. Setmore tracks down every appointment and timely notifies your customers about the appointments status. For the thousands of appointments booked, thousands of notification trigger up automatically.

  • Send instant Email notifications for all scheduling instances.
  • Customize sender’s name and signature in the notification emails.
  • Take advantage of Email reminders for free.
  • Reduce no-shows, phone bills and your scheduling woes.

Notify Customers and Staff Members

Depending upon the nature of your business, sometimes, reserved appointments might be subjected to changes due to unforeseeable circumstances. At such instances, calling and personally informing your staffs and customers can be time consuming. However, Setmore does not let these circumstances get the best of you. Enable the email reminder feature now for free and keep your staffs and customers in the loop through Email notifications that land straight in their inbox automatically.

Setmore has its way when it comes to Email alerts and it will surprise you with how automatic notifications would seal the deal for you. Make your mark at Setmore by signing up for an account dedicated to your business. Witness how appointment scheduling and management become simple though powerful means. Say goodbye to missed appointments and memory lapse, Setmore is intended to do more than appointment scheduling, Setmore is the appointment and beyond. Get started from here.

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