Free Email Appointment Reminders

Send automated email alerts and reminders to staff and customers whenever appointments are booked, rescheduled, or cancelled.

Email Reminders

Email Confirm, Notify, and Remind for Appointments

Setmore’s free email engine gives you a three-pronged approach to engaging your customers via email. First, email confirmations let both your customers and staff know whenever a new appointment is booked. Second, email notifications keep everyone in the loop whenever a staff member or a customer reschedules or cancels an appointment. Third, email reminders ping both customer and service provider, hours or days before each appointment.

  • Send instant email confirmations for new appointments
  • Notify customers when their appointments are rescheduled
  • Send email reminders days or hours before an appointment

Reserve Real Estate on Your Customer’s Calendar

The best way to avoid no-shows is to make it as easy as possible for customers to track their appointments on their personal schedules. Using .ics attachments, you can append an "Add to Calendar" button to every Setmore email that goes out. In a single click, users can add their appointments with your business to their Google, Office, or Apple calendars. When combined with text reminders, a Setmore Premium feature, you’ll minimize any chance of missed appointments.

Empower Customers via Their Email Inbox

Setmore also lets you add a Reschedule or Cancel button to your emails, so customers can update their appointment status directly from their inbox. What was once a minutes-long phone call to reschedule an appointment can now be resolved in just a few clicks. You can even specify the time period in which customers are allowed to cancel or reschedule, up to a set amount of hours or days before their appointment. Regardless of who reschedules, a fresh batch of confirmation emails will be sent to make sure your staff stay in the know.

We’ve Done All the Work for You with Email Templates

Email notifications are included in both the free version of Setmore and Setmore Premium. Activating them is super simple, just configure which possible events (e.g. new appointment, reschedule, cancellation, etc.) will trigger an email and Setmore takes care of the rest by sending pre-baked templates. Email notifications don’t cost you anything and they give your business a professional, helpful, non-intrusive way of engaging customers online.

Easy How-To Guides to Help You Out

Setmore’s support website has a number of helpful articles with step-by-step instructions and screenshots to guide you. Click the links below to learn more about any of the subjects covered here.

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