A majority of your potential customers go by public reviews when it comes to concluding upon a product or service. Setmore helps you make the most out of customer reviews.

Voice your Customers’ Satisfaction

Reviews give your customers a podium to shout out to the world what they love about your business, why stop with that? Help them share their opinions about you in a space that is exclusively reserved for Customer reviews. At Setmore, we understand that customer reviews are something that you’ve earned the hard way; hence you can accept reviews from your clients along with star ratings embedded in it. Now all those stars would make the count.


Make Those Reviews Count

Do all the reviews make it to the booking page of your Setmore account? Well, it is completely up to you to decide. Setmore enables you to display only the reviews that matter or add substance to your business. Axe out those Spam comments right away by hiding or deleting the same.

  • Reviews remain unpublished till approved by the admin.
  • Automatically segregates into Pending, Published and Hidden tabs.
  • A dedicated review tab appears on the booking page to customers.
  • Get instant email notifications whenever a comment gets submitted.

Activate or Deactivate, All in a Flash

Taking reviews from customers could not have been made easier. Now say goodbye to made-up reviews when you can flaunt the best of customer opinions. Getting started with reviews requires just a swipe of a button. Even if you decide to pull out the plug on reviews, disabling it also just requires a swipe, which is all that needs to keep it deactivated. To know more about the configuring reviews correctly, click here.

With Setmore by your side, appointment scheduling scales more features and makes your business reach new heights. You can even take a pick from the Freemium or the premium plans. Wondering what to do next? Spare a couple of minutes and key in your email id because that is what it takes to open up an account with Setmore. Come and get started, right here.

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