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Engage customers to post reviews about their experiences. Showcase standout reviews directly on your Booking Page and build trust in your service.

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Turn customers into your biggest cheerleaders.

When you deliver a magical experience, reviews and testimonials become an asset to your business.

Promote your quality of service and gain an edge on your competitors. Enhance your marketing efforts with customers who stand as brand advocates.

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Show off your star power.

Your Booking Page displays an aggregate of your customer ratings and reviews (between one and five stars). New and repeat visitors can see right off the bat how satisfied your audience is.

87% of customers read reviews for local businesses (Bright Local), so ensure your success stories are featured front-and-center.

How to get more customer reviews.

Send automatic email requests to get reviews from customers after appointments. Show your client base their voice matters, complete with a thank you message after each submission. Forget manual follow-ups for feedback and let Setmore fire out convenient links to leave a review.

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Get instant alerts for new reviews.

Receive in-app and email notifications when a testimonial is submitted through your Booking Page. Moderation is made easy. You can publish or reject reviews, or hide previously published feedback at your discretion. Only approved reviews will appear on your Booking Page, and will be visible to your customers.

Promote your online customer reviews system.

Leaving a review is simple with a dedicated space on your Booking Page. Add ‘/reviews’ to the end of your Booking Page URL and link customers to the reviews section. You can also create a ‘Leave a review’ button that routes customers from your website. Centralize your reviews, build your rep, and book more appointments.

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Don’t miss out on any 5-star ratings.

Automate review request emails and empower your customers to submit ratings quickly and easily. Link them straight to the reviews section on your Booking Page and showcase your success.

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Get reviews, show your skills, boost your bookings.

Include customer reviews in your email campaigns

Feature your glowing reviews in your email marketing. Promote other services to existing clients and increase engagement with your business.

Take reviews from your email signature

Personalize the signature in your email notifications and encourage customers to submit a review. Link them directly to your Booking Page’s reviews section.

Stream customer reviews on your Booking Page

Showcasing customer feedback on your Instagram profile? Display your latest posts on your personalized Booking Page and impress online visitors.


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