Customer Reviews

Empower customers to post reviews, feedback, and testimonials. Showcase your business ratings and reviews on your website, through your Setmore Booking Page.


Post Customer Reviews Online

Setmore comes with a suite of customer review and feedback tools built-in. As you book appointments with customers online, customers will have the ability to post a review about the quality of the service they received, directly on your Booking Page. Setmore displays an aggregate of customer-submitted reviews and ratings (one to five stars), making it easy for other customers to see the quality of your service and get closer to scheduling an appointment.

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Moderate & Approve Your Online Customer Reviews

When customers submit feedback to your business, it will be held automatically in your Setmore account for your review. You can approve or reject reviews, or hide previously published reviews at your discretion. Only approved reviews will appear on your Setmore Booking Page, and will be visible to other customers. As an added bonus, Setmore will send an automated "Thank You" email to customers who post a review!

  • Customers submit a review of your business online
  • Reviews are held for moderation in your Setmore account
  • You can approve, reject, or hide reviews
  • Approved reviews get posted to your Booking Page
  • Setmore sends an automated "Thank You" email to customers

Turn Satisfied Customers into Influencers

When you deliver an awesome appointment experience, you’re charging your customer up with positive energy and it’s up to you to make sure this energy doesn’t go to waste. If you’re not asking your customers to post a review on your website, then you’re overlooking a great opportunity to influence other customers and grow your business.

Reviews and testimonials from your best customers can be a powerful tool towards getting new customers. At the end of every great service you deliver, you should start asking customers to post reviews about their experience by sending them to your Booking Page. You can append "/reviews" to the Booking Page URL to give them direct access to the "Reviews" section, reducing the number of clicks it takes to post feedback!

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