Text Reminders

What is appointment scheduling without reminder capabilities? NO-Shows. Setmore is what you need to simplify appointment scheduling and make no-shows a thing of the past.

Jog Your Memory Up With Technology

The sight of a chair without a customer can bring you down even on the best of your days. No-shows are like a plague in a business. No one gets any good out of it. So instead of manually hunting down your customers and tormenting them with painful reminders, you can choose to act smart. Setmore helps you imbibe technology into appointment management to obliterate no shows through “Text Reminders”.


Remind Your Customers Your Way!

Setmore lets you craft the necessary settings behind text reminders. You can define the time prior an appointment during which Setmore triggers out an SMS destined to reach your customer’s phone. The whole process is automated to liberate you from manually typing out long reminder messages and sending it to each of your customers. Configure the settings in your Setmore account and watch the magic unfold as your customers will never forget a scheduled appointment anymore.

  • Customers get instant SMS notifications of their scheduled appointments.
  • Text reminders contain all the details associated with appointments.
  • Send text reminders for all appointments booked, Setmore covers unlimited SMS for your business.
  • Notifications trigger automatically, all you need to do is to set-up the appointment lead time.

Reminding Customers Is Setmore’s Business; Rest Is Yours

The SMS notification feature will be made available for a premium account upgrade. With this premium feature, send out instant text reminder to your customers and witness reduced no-shows. Doesn’t the idea of an appointment management software that makes appointment scheduling simpler and automates the notification process sound too good to be true? Well, it’s true, and it is all yours to get started with right away.

Register your business with Setmore, it is the deal that you’ve been looking for all along. Appointment scheduling and management could not get any better. It is Setmore, here and now. Try out everything we’ve got in store for your business and if you’ve got queries or out-of-the-blue eureka moments, well, we are all ears.

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