Text Appointment Reminders

Automated text reminders ensure your customers keep their commitments, saving you the cost of miss appointments. Setmore Premium required - get started now!


No More No-Shows

Ping your customers hours or days before their appointment to make sure they show up. Automated text reminders are a feature of Setmore Premium (sign up for a free account, then upgrade from your Account Settings to get started). Text reminders are a snap to set up - you literally just flip a switch - and they deliver a big payoff for your business. Is the average cost of your service more than $25 a month? If so, and text reminders save you one missed appointment a month, then your Setmore Premium account will have paid for itself.

  • Fully customizable text reminders
  • Automated: once activated, just let them roll
  • You set the lead time & customers can opt out
  • Available with Setmore Premium

Personalized Text Reminders Done Effortlessly

Setmore gives you the ability to customize the content of your business’s text reminders with DIY texting templates. Build your own template using dynamic variable fields for staff, service, appointment date, and time. These variables automatically update to match the appointment details that are specific to the customer, which means your texts deliver only the most relevant and essential information. Once text reminders are activated, you don’t have to do anything. Every appointment gets a reminder without you having to press a button.

Send Unlimited Text Reminders

Text reminders are one of the most cost-effective benefits available with your Setmore Premium account. Not only can you send unlimited text reminders, but Setmore also tracks when reminders are sent, giving you the ability to monitor and follow-up with delinquent customers. And Setmore also gives your customers the ability to opt out, so you’re not bugging anybody who doesn’t want to be bugged.

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