Schedule Recurring Appointments with Customers

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Book Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Appointments

Turn your customers into regulars with recurring appointments in Setmore, which allow you to schedule a whole series of future appointments in just a few clicks. Choose between a daily recurrence, a weekly recurrence where you pick the days of the week, or a monthly recurrence. Recurring appointments are the perfect solution if you have customers who want to come in on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Note : You must have Setmore Premium to use this feature. Click here to learn more about Setmore Premium >

Easy to Deploy Repeat Appointments

It’s super simple and easy to use recurring appointments in Setmore. Start by creating an appointment on your calendar as usual. You’ll notice there’s a new switch for "Recurring." Click this switch to convert the regular appointment into a repeating appointment, then select the interval of recurring and the end date.

Once the appointment details are established, finish booking the appointment by selecting a customer and that’s it! The appointments will appear on your calendar and any email reminders or alerts that you have programmed in your Setmore account will go out as planned, without you having to do anything else.

Get Paid for Recurring Appointments

Using either Setmore’s built-in cash register system, or the Stripe integration, you can also record a cash transaction or a credit/debit card payment for a recurring appointment. Simply click on the appointment in your calendar (choose the appointment within the series of appointments for which you want to process a payment), then select the Payment tab from the Edit Details menu.

Click here to learn more about how to take a payment for recurring appointments >


Can my customer book a recurring appointment from my Booking Page?

Currently no, Setmore does not support the ability for customers to schedule their own recurring appointments. As a workaround, customers may book each appointment one at a time, over and over again. We recommend that you enable the Customer Login feature if you haven’t already, so that customers will have an easier time tracking their appointments.

Can I see recurring appointments in the mobile app version of Setmore?

Yes, you can see recurring appointments in the mobile app version of Setmore, however the mobile app does not currently support the ability to schedule recurring appointments. We are currently in the process of updating the mobile apps for full functionality, so keep an eye on the Setmore Blog for future updates and feature release notes.

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