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Booking repeat appointments has never been easy. Now you can book recurring appointments up to a year for any number of customers.


Did you know there’s a way to book recurring appointments for repeat customers effortlessly? Setmore is one of the most trusted scheduling solutions for ten of thousands of businesses around the world. Use the recurring appointments feature to reserve timeslots for repeat sessions in any interval or sequence.

Setmore: The Ultimate Recurring Appointments Booking Software

Recurring appointments save you time and help you avoid scheduling conflicts. Say goodbye to manual calculations and get firm commitments from your customers. Offer the privilege of priority booking by guaranteeing a reserved spot on your busy calendar for up to a year in advance of the final booking date.

  • Book unlimited recurring appointments
  • Book recurring appointments that repeat up to a year in a daily, weekly or monthly intervals
  • Edit a single occurrence or the entire series of recurring appointments effortlessly
  • Notify staff and customers of any changes to any appointment(s)
  • Send automatic text reminders to customers before each appointment
  • Collect payments for recurring appointments through the calendar page using PayPal or Stripe

How Recurring Appointments Work in Setmore

Setting up recurring appointments in Setmore is just like booking a regular appointment. Simply choose the staff, service and the date of the appointment. Next, click the recurring appointment slider to turn the feature “on.” Then you can set the interval for how often the appointment to repeat itself and that’s it. Your calendar will show a series of recurring appointments. All email and text reminders will be sent to the customer automatically as each appointment date draws near.

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To learn more about recurring appointments in Setmore, read the how-to articles for setting up recurring appointments, collecting payments from the calendar page, and modifying the details of a recurring appointment.

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