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Optimize Your Setmore Booking Page & Get More Appointments – The Guide

The Booking Page is where customers can self-book their next appointment with your business. Read the guide for tips on how to create and optimize your page.

Booking Page Setup Guides


For most customers, the first point of contact with your business will be your website. Your Setmore Booking Page, which comes free with every Setmore account, can be added to your website to give customers a direct path for booking appointments with you, no phone call required.

This is why it’s important to create a visually-engaging and information-rich Booking Page. By giving your online visitors all the essential information they’ll need to make a decision, you can help convert more of your online visitors into customers. This guide gives you specific how-to information for building and getting the most out of your Booking Page.

What's in the guide

Start with an illustrated tour of your Setmore Booking Page components, then follow along with an exploration of back-end configurations and menu options that you’ll use to fine-tune the online booking experience for your customers.

Here's what we cover:

  • Booking Page pieces
  • Customization options (logo, business info, etc.)
  • Back-end configurations
  • Embedding the Booking Page on your website
  • Getting paid from your Booking Page
  • Tips for driving customer web traffic

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