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The 6 best booking app integrations in 2022.

Shouted out by our community ❤️

Scheduling and calendar management occupies our days – and dreams – at Setmore. But even we were shocked to realize that half of this year is over. With consumer demand seemingly changed forever, including a lean towards hybrid appointments and silent services, we rounded up the integrations that keep our community competitive.

Here are some top platforms that you should consider connecting with your booking app, endorsed by users themselves. Ensure you’re offering leads and customers what they expect in 2022, so they’ve no need to shop around.

Best video integration: Google Meet

Video conferencing was a lifeline over the past couple of years, keeping staff connected and offering a socially-distanced path to meeting customers. The Google Meet video integration is free for all Setmore users. Your team members can use it to collaborate, as well as provide virtual services like consultations.

Businesses in medical, fitness, retail and education rave about the flexibility of video conferencing in helping them develop a customer base. With no need to travel, service providers can meet with people around the world and increase their bookable hours. The convenience of chatting online also means less lateness and last-minute cancelations, as customers can simply click a link to get started.

Learn more about video meeting integrations, including Google Meet and Zoom. You can offer one-to-one and group sessions depending on your plan.

Best social integration: Instagram booking

Your booking link is easy to drop into any social post, ad or bio. With Instagram, you get the bonus ability to feature a ‘Book Now’ button on your business page. It appears right below your bio and directs viewers straight to your Booking Page. They don’t need to call, email or even navigate elsewhere to schedule an appointment.

Check out our guide to converting more leads from IG. You can add booking links to all of your content, including Stories, helping you to capitalize on views and likes.

“It makes it very easy when I tag [my Booking Page] in my Stories. I’ve had comments on how easy it is to use. I detail in the bio what I do and the book button is right there, very convenient!” – Julie Magnan Make-Up Artistry

“The integration of the ‘Book Now’ feature is essential to maintaining Beck operations. As a small business, we gain [the] majority of our clients through social media sites like Instagram. This feature lets us optimize our booking capacity and schedule customers in an efficient and easy manner.” – Beck Cleaning

This integration is particularly powerful for business types that rely on effective content marketing. Salons showcase their styling skills online, personal trainers discuss workouts and nutrition, photographers use Instagram as a portfolio, and consultants highlight their expertise. Once you’ve hooked a lead with a pic or video, make sure it’s simple for them to reserve your time.

Explore additional social media integrations – like Facebook – and head to resources for more ideas to get your Booking Page seen.

Best website integration: WordPress

A well-designed, optimized and engaging website can become your ultimate marketing tool. Whether leads find your site through search engines or visit directly after receiving your business card, it sets the scene for your capabilities. What can they expect if a visitor books you? Not only does your website detail your services and story, it most likely features customer testimonials and company updates like special offers.

With all of this info to get leads invested, you want to strike while the iron’s hot. That’s where the WordPress integration comes in. Feature a ‘Book Now’ button on one or more site pages so visitors can learn about your business and schedule that all-important first appointment. When clicked, your Booking Page appears and lists your real-time availability. It can even process payments if you prefer deposits ahead of confirmation.

“The ‘Book Now’ button is absolutely amazing. It saves my customers waiting on replies and takes them straight to the Booking Page. So straightforward. Such a great feature.” – Dr. Valet

There are a number of ways to add your Booking Page to your WordPress website, including embedding it to create a dedicated scheduling section.

Use a different site builder? View other website integrations here – easy booking for everybody ?

Best payment integration: Square

Automation saves our users countless hours, eliminating repetitive tasks like invoicing and payment-related follow-ups. With Setmore and Square, you set your rules and the integration handles the rest. Attach costs to different services and specify whether you’d like full or part-payment in advance. When a customer uses your Booking Page, they’re prompted to pay by card.

If you request a deposit or part-payment, you can collect the remainder at the time of the appointment. Simply process the transaction using your calendar. You can read more about setting up the Square integration.

“This app has…helped to increase my profit by over 40% in 3 months. I use the free version but I connected my square account so I’m able to take credit/debit payments. Downloading this app was the ‘best stress reliever ever’!” – Lady-B-licious Stylz via Trustpilot

For more about getting paid, tracking transactions and syncing details with your accounting software, check out our ultimate guide to payments. It also covers the Stripe and PayPal integrations.

Best calendar integration: Google sync

For some, calendar-hopping is the norm, but there’s a better way to keep tabs on your full schedule. Align all of your events by syncing two different calendars. With 2-way Google Calendar sync, your Setmore appointments reflect in Google Calendar and vice versa. No matter the calendar you open, every event is visible.

Whether you make updates via desktop, tablet or mobile, details fly from one calendar to the other instantly. Your Setmore calendar blocks out any time reserved by Google events, and as your Booking Page is linked to your calendar, customers can’t double-book you.

“The ability to have 2-way sync with both Outlook and Google calendars has made it a fast adaptation for the whole team since some of us already used one or the other. It lets us have everyone on the same page and saves us hours of updating multiple calendars trying to find when there is time to fit in a meeting.” – Trena G. via Trustpilot

View more 1-way and 2-way calendar sync options, from Outlook 365 to Apple.

Best marketing integration: Mailchimp

When you spend time crafting a personalized and eye-catching email, you want it to be absorbed by the biggest, most relevant audience. However, providing your services, running a team and other daily duties can make it tough to keep your CRM up-to-date. With the Mailchimp integration, any new customer details collected by Setmore are automatically added to your preferred mailing list.

Our users connect these platforms as they can onboard their newest fans to targeted email campaigns. This enables them to strengthen connections after first appointments and keep their services fresh in mind.

“Mailchimp’s integration with Setmore allows me to quickly and efficiently contact my patients with a couple of clicks. The ad campaigns with Mailchimp are easy to use and Setmore never fails to populate everything correctly to make a great system of communication and scheduling!” – Richard Dry

From seasonal offers and discounts to advertising new services and locations, ensure your content is structured around what a specific customer segment will value. You can explore additional marketing and sales integrations here.

And to complete the top 10… ?

? Get booked directly from your Business Profile using Reserve with Google

? Don’t see your favorite app? Connect countless leading platforms using Zapier

? Transfer payment data and make accounting straightforward with QuickBooks

? Gain insights about engagement with your Booking Page using Google Tag Manager

A celebration of integrations.

Thank you to our community members who provided feedback about Setmore’s integrations. Whether they go above and beyond or you have suggestions for enhancements, your voices keep the platform growing.

For the latest app updates, bookmark our blog and resources. Have an idea for a new integration? @ us on social. Happy scheduling!

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