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How to use Zapier with Setmore—connect with 1000s of apps.

Small business owners know how precious every second can be. Being the owner, marketer, sales lead and customer support takes a lot of time out of your working day. 

Automation helps to take some administrative tasks off your hands and allows you to focus on things like growing your brand, connecting with customers and enhancing your offering. With Zapier, any software can work harmoniously without manually switching between them.

How Zapier works: It Zap’pens all at once

Whether you want to streamline your workflows, save a little bit of money, or even just remove the element of human error, Zapier connects different apps so you don’t have to.

Zapier gives small businesses a level playing field without the need to code. Those running a brand with a limited team—or independently—may not have the budget for a programmer, so having an automation tool that does this for you works wonders.

Setup couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is create a ‘Zap’, which consists of a trigger resulting in an action. Once an event (trigger) happens in one app, it initiates an action in another app. There are thousands of supported apps, so you can get as Zap-happy as you like.

Let’s look at how to use Zapier to automate 5 apps with Setmore:

Easily add forms to your booking process

When your calendar is automated and filled up, you don’t always get all the details from the initial booking process. If you’re a healthcare professional, hair stylist, personal trainer or provide legal services, you may need a little more information once a new client has booked an appointment.

While Setmore gathers all the essential information, adding a form to your process allows you to discover more about your customers and deliver an exceptional, bespoke experience. It streamlines your service and eliminates the need for an initial consultation or Q&A when they arrive for their appointment—allowing you to get straight to business.

Connect Jotform through Zapier and let forms be sent in the background when new customers book appointments. You can choose when the form is sent, whether before or after an appointment, and Zapier will send it once the trigger is activated. This can be used for collecting details as well as feedback, enabling you to be prepared, learn, and grow.

Prefer another online form builder? There are plenty of other forms you can use, and it’s just as easy to learn how to use Zapier with Google Forms.

5-star Zaps—Trust me

Reviews are the backbone of many small businesses. It’s your online word-of-mouth that lets people who may not be familiar with your brand know that you’re the bee’s knees. Recommendations don’t have to be from people you know: 79% of people trust customer reviews as much as personal suggestions.

For Zapier, how it works with Trustpilot is quite simple. Let’s say you run a new nail salon, and every client is super impressed with your work (as they should 💅). Sure, that praise lets you know you’re on the right track, but with a Zap, clients will get a reminder to leave you a review as soon as their appointment is complete.

By creating this automated Zap, you can expect:

  • Tons more reviews
  • Even better customer engagement
  • A growing reputation.

It’s good for your brand, business and potential future customers! Plus, growing your brand through your own reviews allows you to take control. Online marketplaces don’t value your reviews equally, and you can even pay for more exposure. This way, you grow organically—with zero spend.

It’s your (Google) cheat sheet

Who doesn’t love a spreadsheet? They’re beneficial for getting organized, analyzing data, and even segmenting your customers in an easily understandable way. Whether you have new customers, need to update a contact or want to keep track of your appointments in a shared Sheet, the Google Sheets Zap has you covered.

The convenient thing is that they double as both a primary and secondary tool, ensuring you’re always on top of things. As a great supplement to any software you use in your brand, they ensure all your team members are on the same page, no matter the solution you use. With your Zap, there are zero manual mistakes, and you can rest assured your data is up-to-date.

There are tons of templates available if you’re looking for some inspiration to get started. Once you have your Sheet ready to go, here’s how to use Zapier with Google Sheets so you can get started right away.

Organize your data: Keep track of appointments, customer details, and more in a structured manner.

Automate updates: Automatically update your Google Sheets with new data from Setmore.

Eliminate errors: Reduce manual data entry errors with automated Zaps.

Collaborate easily: Share Sheets with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Use templates: Take advantage of ready-made templates to save time and effort.

How to integrate Drip with Zapier

Marketing plays a key role in growing your brand. When you’re shaping your style and voice, having marketing efforts that allow you to show your audience what kind of business you are helps retain loyal clients. Using a marketing automation tool like Drip enables you to deliver targeted emails directly to their inbox.

Drip allows you to send various visual and engaging email campaigns to both new and loyal members of your audience. When connected with Setmore using Zapier, you eliminate the need to manually add new customers who book an appointment into your system. They simply book, and then the Zap automatically adds them—as if by magic 🪄

With this manual task taken care of, you can segment your audience into:

  • New customers
  • Loyal customers
  • Customers who may just need a little nudge

77% of marketers have seen increased engagement in their email marketing efforts; ensure you deliver value with each campaign you send.

Keep your customers engaged with everything going on, whether it’s special offers, new services, or even a special team member you want to shout out—the choices are endless.

ClickUp your project management game

There’s nothing like ticking tasks off your to-do list. Having project management software like ClickUp not only helps you get things done but also keeps your team striving toward the same goals. In fact, 77% of high-performing projects use online checklist software—teams that stay focused really get things done.

When connected with Setmore, an appointment landing in your calendar triggers a Zap to create a corresponding task in ClickUp. This way, your entire team knows what they need to have ready when the appointment comes around. It’s the ultimate synergy, ensuring your team is all singing from the same hymn sheet—aiming to reach those high notes!

For example, if you run a consultancy business, appointments usually require preparation beforehand, tasks to be assigned to specific team members, and follow-ups to be prepared. When Zapier handles the automation, you can ensure every aspect is complete, leaving no stone unturned in delivering exceptional service for your client.

Automation for the nation (and world, really)

These are just some examples of how a Zap can automate your workflow. Now you know how to create a Zap in Zapier, it’s time to have your business software working like clockwork. 

Create your own FREE Setmore account now and automate your booking process. Want help getting started? Our experts are always on hand for 1:1 demos and 24/7 human support.

Happy scheduling!

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