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How video appointments power remote recruitment for FULL Creative HR.

Discover how the HR team at FULL Creative uses Setmore to manage their hiring process. Through custom service set-up and 1-click video meetings, remote recruitment becomes straightforward.

FULL Creative builds tools and services that empower business to communicate and collaborate from Anywhere. Known as AnywhereWorks in the UK and US, its range of tools includes Setmore, AnswerConnect, LEX Reception and Chat Support.

With a global team based in areas including the US, India and the UK, FULL Creative regularly recruits engineers, product experts, account managers, marketers and sales executives. Kanagalakshmi Hariharasudhan works in FULL Creative’s HR department in Chennai, India, focusing on recruitment and internships. 

Kanagalakshmi moved to Chennai for college and has lived in the city since. “This is the place where I learned how to be myself,” she said. “I actually realized that I became an adult only after moving to Chennai, so it’s very close to my heart.”

chennai city

Previously working in manufacturing, Kanagalakshmi made the switch to HR when joining FULL Creative 18 months ago. Her favorite aspects of her role center around interacting with new people.

“A part of my job is actually meeting a lot of new people,” Kanagalakshmi said. “It might be a cliche answer but I meet people who want to change their career. When I meet with these people, each of them have their own stories to tell, and their own aspiration, or what they want to become in their career.”

She explained that listening to these stories helps her learn more about every new team member. After onboarding, Kanagalakshmi and her team aim to uplift staff with new accomplishments – whether that’s boosting interpersonal skills or completing additional training courses.

“When someone really feels that I have helped them change something in their life, somewhere I have been a catalyst, that makes me feel good,” Kanagalakshmi enthuses.

chennai office

Assisting organization and productivity 

Kanagalakshmi began using Setmore within FULL Creative to help keep her calendar in-check and monitor her productivity.

“I was able to organize my whole day in Setmore with classes, events or group meetings,” she said. “I can go back and look at what I did on a specific day, with whom I met, or who booked the appointment with me.

“The stats really helped me to understand what I’ve been doing, or how productive I was, or how many interviews I had.”

Internally, the HR department uses Setmore for organizational tasks including typing tests and learning meetings. Learning meetings present opportunities for employees to discuss articles, books, podcasts or documentaries of interest. During the pandemic, the team also set up digital games and yoga sessions to help maintain morale.

Office Library for Employees

Sending interview booking links

Outside of internal meetings, Kanagalakshmi utilizes Setmore for the recruitment process. By setting up custom services on her Booking Page, she is able to book and host video interviews easily.

Rather than having candidates search through the full service list, Kanagalakshmi can send a direct link to pick a meeting time. Applicants only see time slots that are available and these can account for the schedules of multiple staff members involved in the interview process.

“The other useful thing that I found on Setmore was sending the service specific link to people, rather than sending my complete [Booking Page] URL,” she said. “When I started sending the service specific URL that made my job much easier.”

office frontview

Transitioning to virtual interviews

During the pandemic, recruitment for businesses around the world had to change. Optimizing a virtual meeting process became crucial, as interviews switched from in-person to online.

FULL Creative’s HR department could add video appointments to their services immediately, with Setmore’s Zoom integration. 1-click video links were automatically sent to candidates within their booking confirmations. 

Kanagalakshmi and her team were confident that candidates would find the online scheduling system simple to navigate. “The candidates felt they didn’t have [to do] much,” she said. “They can just book an appointment in three to four clicks. Rather than calling and asking if you are available at this time, booking at their convenience is much easier for them.”

text notifcation

Interview reminders 

On average, applicants apply for 10 to 15 positions per week. Responses come in the form of phones ringing, emails pinging and calendar notifications in inboxes. 

When an interview is booked via Setmore, applicants receive automatic notifications. Kanagalakshmi pushes the value of automated text reminders for candidates prior to their interviews: “We [people] will not always remember to check our email but with text reminders when you take out your mobile, it will be there. It was really helpful,” Kanagalakshmi said.

A 50/50 FULL Creative future

Discussing FULL Creative’s recruitment strategy, Kanagalakshmi explained a top priority is: “To make our team more diverse because currently the ratio of female to male employees is less,” she said. “We want to make it 50 to 50.

“We want the women in our company to voice out and shine more. We want to give more opportunities to people from the second-tier towns or cities and colleges.”

Additionally, FULL Creative looks to further promote its internship program to showcase how entry-level positions can lead to a flourishing career.

When asked for the biggest reason why Kanagalakshmi enjoys working at FULL Creative, she tells us, “Whatever thoughts I have, or ideas I have, I am able to share with my team, and it is valued and welcomed, that is something that I really like about the company.

“The common phrase that I hear is ‘We can do it as a team’, so that’s something that I would say [makes FULL Creative] stand out from other companies.”

Discover how Setmore can bring flexibility to your business’ recruitment process with online interview scheduling.

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