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Spotless cleaning service scheduling with Chris Shaw.

Opening its doors on May 17th, 2021, Chrissy Clean was ready to shine right from the get-go. Founder, owner and cleaner extraordinaire Chris Shaw developed his eye for spik and span from a young age. It’s been a long road, but he’s picked up a wealth of experience on his journey.

My first job was back when I was 12, working in a hotel in my local village as a waiter. The hotel I worked for at the time saw something in me. So we decided that I would go to college to do hospitality.” 

There was no stopping Chris. He eventually set up his own exceptional cleaning business – all with the help of a special team (and some scheduling magic).

Destined for the top

His story begins in a small village in Scotland. Chris had a keen working ethic that few could match. Where some stay in their lane, he would happily throw himself into any situation. It didn’t go unnoticed, as the hotel he worked for had a lot of faith in him. 

“The hotel decided to put me in a management program.

I started doing six months in every department throughout the hotel, from bar to function to kitchen. And the last one I did was housekeeping, and I never left.”

Once he found his calling, something clicked. In the beginning, his work-life balance was key. He would start at the crack of dawn but finish at 3:00 pm. From room attendant to supervisor to deputy manager, his rise up the ranks was swift.

“I just pushed myself to do more and applied for jobs in bigger hotels, better roles. And I got experience working in the bigger hotels up in Glasgow.”

Chris cleaning

Time to shine

Not resting on his laurels, Chris used every opportunity presented to him. He would network at events, connect with other housekeepers and keep his ear out for new positions. 

An outsource company head hunted him and things picked up. Hard work and dedication saw him responsible for over 17 hotels. But in the background, he was always learning, training, attending courses and amassing a huge network. 

Absolutely everything, you name it, we managed it. I think the key for me was to progress. My career was training, learning, and networking. I was about 19, as a manager of housekeeping for one hotel, and I would go to these meetings and events with other housekeepers and housekeeping managers to grow my knowledge.”

His panache for neat and tidy took him places he never knew it could, from Manchester to Glasgow to Rotterdam. Soon he was the go-to guy for cleaners, head housekeepers, laundry, and everything in between. He’d manage hotels with teams of 12 to some with over 100 staff members. It’s enough to have anyone’s head spinning. But with team scheduling software, keeping on top of the who, where and when is a snap. 

A bit of elbow grease

Chris was excelling. But the days were long and left little time to spend with his partner. 

I would leave my house on a Monday morning at 4:30 am and not return to that house until Friday evening at about 9:00 pm. 

Being away from my partner– It’s long, it’s hard, but you know, you need to do the job.”

After putting in the hard yards for a number of years, Chris knew it was time to go out on his own. His cleaning schedule was taking over his life. 

“Sunday night, I’d be preparing to return to work on Monday morning. I’d be sitting with my laptop and sending emails to clear them. Then aim to go back to work on a Monday morning. So I started my business: Chrissy Clean. 

I had enough of working for other folk, wanted to work for myself.”

Chrissy clean mum

Team moms to the rescue

Based in Balloch, beside Loch Lomond, Chris extended his business to clients up to 20 miles away. Although they have clients in Glasgow, most are quite rural; he travels through stunning Scotland to reach their homes. 64% of people prefer their appointment reminders to come through text (businesswire). With automated reminders, clients know Chris is on the way – no matter the distance. 

Knowing he couldn’t split himself in four, he built a team he could trust. His customers had expectations – they didn’t just want clean; they wanted Chrissy Clean. 

The biggest challenge for us was getting good staff. I wanted another four me, and trying to get four is quite difficult. So I’ve managed to get six of me.

All my staff are mums. They drop the kids at school, they come to work and are generally done for the kids finishing.”

Team profiles and specialized services mean the right person is on the job. And with a team of six mums ready to clean, they’ll be with you ASAP. 98% of people read their texts (SimpleTextin), so it’s a great way to let customers know you’re en route. 

It stops most cancellations happening because people can’t say, ‘I didn’t know you were coming,’ but we are. We’re on our way.”

Neat scheduling and tidy homes

Chris and his team pride themselves on their cleaning. They know their clients inside out – even feeling like part of the family. Clients trust them in their homes and to get the job done.

40% of our clients, we’ve not even met. I’ve emailed them, we spoke on the phone, we’ve got keys for their house, but we’ve never met them.”

His 5-star service is evident in the word-of-mouth business he receives. Reviews are always a great way to boost your brand, and you can even showcase them on your Booking Page.  

I have a lot of clients that will find us from friends. So basically, word of mouth is my advertising. They will follow me on our pages, Instagram or Facebook.

That’s how we sort of start the booking process with them. We put them into the system, and they get an email and text reminder 24 hours before their appointment, which is amazing.

A direct route to booking a spot on your calendar is a surefire way to level up your scheduling. 94% of people would rather use a service that has an online booking (GetApp). And it’s done in just a few clicks. 

Chris standing

Work-life balance

With his own business, Chris managed to get what he wanted: a work-life balance. 

I think when I started the company, I wanted that work-life balance for myself.”

Early in his career, he found that was what he appreciated most. But as he progressed, that balance dwindled. Now that he has found stability in his work, he has time for what really matters.

I’m able to be at home seven days a week. I can finish my work each day at about 4:00 pm and I’m home. We [with his partner] can cook, go somewhere, and do stuff together again.

Not just myself, but all my staff have got that work-life balance, too.”

With his cleaning scheduling sorted, Chris is free to clean homes and get back on time to his partner. Team Setmore is delighted to help balance work and play. 

Happy scheduling!

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