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Hayat Mohiddin, The Weekend Shine BN

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hayat uses setmore for his business

Who is Hayat?

My business started out of sheer luck. My friend who has always known my interest for auto-detailing services suggested that I open my service to the general public.

I gave it a shot, and I'm thankful that I did. I needed a system to take care of my bookings.

I googled 'web based scheduling application' and came across Setmore.

I realized I needed a way to automate my service bookings and started using Setmore. Now I'm able to keep track of my appointments and customer information.

How Setmore helps.

I work at a local banking group doing regular office work. Weekends are when I actually do my auto-detailing business. As I work two jobs, I've had difficulties responding to my customers on their booking, rescheduling etc.

I wasn't able to do things at the right time. Setmore helped me become more efficient. Now I'm able to keep track of my appointments and customer information. Furthermore, Setmore sends notification emails to me and my customer so both [of us] don't miss the appointment.

setmore helps in automated reminders
customers can book their own appointments

Favorite features.

The thing about Setmore that most caught my eye was the ability to send reminders to clients, drastically reducing no-shows.

I love that clients can book their own appointments online using Setmore. This is a fantastic feature as we are all currently living a technology-based life.

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