Your Appointment Diary is Outdated, Here’s Something To Replace it

Are you a business that relies on appointments? A doctor, a barber, a stylist or a personal trainer? Then you surely know about the importance appointment diaries serve to your business. An asset to hold onto and one that helps you stay organized and on schedule. It has served it’s purpose during it’s course. However, in today’s date, it has lost it’s meaning.

Engage the Page: 5 Social Media Tactics Taking Local Businesses to the Top

In 2013, nearly 1 in 4 people used social media, and by 2017, an estimated 2.55 billion people will use social media worldwide according to a recent report. That’s a huge audience, which means social media is a valuable marketing platform. However, you have to learn social media to use it properly to reach the top. Check out these five social media tactics that are taking businesses to the top to help you learn how to do it.

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