The 30 Million Milestone: Setmore 2017 Year in Review

By Setmore Appointments

Free, powerful online customer scheduling for businesses of all sizes.

This has been an incredible year for booking appointments. In total, Setmore users booked over 30 million appointments in 2017, all over the globe. We’re excited to share this info with you, so continue reading below for industry-specific milestones.

We didn’t cover everybody, but even if you didn’t get mentioned, thank you for contributing to these staggering numbers and for bringing your services, expertise, and experiences to the world.


This year YOU booked 8.3 MILLION haircuts using Setmore! Now that’s a lotta fluff.

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nailsalon-v2This year YOU booked 260,000 manicures! Nailed it.

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 This year YOU booked 204,000 photoshoots! So fierce.

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This year YOU booked 4.5 MILLION consultations! There’s no such thing as too much caffeine.

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This year YOU booked 3.4 MILLION waxing & spa appointments! Extra smooth.

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This year YOU booked 621,000 pet grooming & dog walking appointments! Bow WOW!

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This year Setmore Premium subscribers booked 12.6 MILLION appointments!
That’s a lotta text reminders…

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Here’s looking toward 2018 with full calendars. Cheers!

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  • Hey there Cassandra, I am currently setting up a business where i would like to have more than 20 users on my plan, as i want to grow my business. However with the premium plan you can only have a maximum of 20 users. So my question is this:

    1- Can I have more than one subscription for the same website?
    2- if that is possible , should I use same login details such as Name of business/Email for new subscription
    3- Or are there any other options?

  • I am also looking for text reminders

  • 2018… I would love the opportunity to be able to setup an email/text message that’s sent to my clients automatically within 24 hours after their appointments. That’s the only thing I feel that’s missing currently… outside of that…. I’m absolutely in looove with setmore.

    • Yesssss, I’m pushing for this too. Esther can you tell me more about what you’d want the email/text to say? Are we talking a simple “thank you” follow-up message, or would you want to ask the user to pre-book their next appointment or post a review about their service? Thanks

      • Casandra, I am looking for something similar. I am looking for an option of follow up text message of
        1. options for thank you text message
        2. options for booking an appointment next time at a discounted price.
        3. options for no-show customers to let them know they did not show up to let us know to chanced in advance.

        or when we send the initial text message, to have the options for the client to accept appointment by texting back 1 or canceling appointment by texting 2.