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Reward Customers With Experiences, Not Just Discounts (Infographic).

In the past, Setmore has touched on the topic of rewarding customers. Of course, the most obvious way to do is to offer discounts on future purchases. Customers are always looking for ways to save money, but the reality is that while savings may satisfy the customer, it only goes so far towards providing delight.

So what exactly is delight? A delighted customer is a happy customer, but a happy customer is not necessarily a delighted customer. Delight requires more than just something pleasant – it also requires an element of the unexpected, delivered by rewarding customers with amazing experiences. Great experiences can create long-term positive associations with your brand, which is a gift that keeps on giving.

if you want to be happy spend money on experiences

Novelty wears off but experiences keep paying off

According to research, money saved or even a pay raise is a joy which can quickly fade as it becomes part of the mundane. But experiences invoke delight, and those memories of delight last long after the experience is over. We cherish experiences in our memories because they help to shape our identities and feed the overall narrative of our lives.

Research has also shown that we place a high value on things which are inherently fleeting. Because unique experiences are short-lived, we are less likely to take them for granted. They never become mundane, especially if each each new experience is uniquely delightful. Whenever you think back to your honeymoon, it continues to bring back pleasant memories, but the fancy espresso machine you received as a wedding gift becomes just another part of your morning routine.

Delight customers by avoiding the mundane

So think about creative ways you can reward your customers with delightful experiences instead of just discounts. If you run a climbing gym, provide a free lesson instead of a discount on a standard pass. If you are a massage therapist, surprise a customer after every tenth visit with a treatment he or she may never have tried before, instead of just another discount on a routine treatment. These kinds of experiences incorporate an element of the unexpected that will build customer loyalty organically.

To learn all about how experiences can contribute more to happiness than material things, check out this enlightening infographic from InvestmentZen.

Via: InvestmentZen.com

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Guest Contributor:
Hazel Garcia is a writer and graphic designer for InvestmentZen who loves maximizing (and spending!) credit card rewards. In her spare time she’s also an avid traveler and foodie, and often goes on adventures with her faithful canine companion Momo.

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