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Get booked and paid 24/7.

A custom Booking Page enables you to display your services, availability and fees online. Let clients self-schedule private sessions or reserve spots in classes at any time.

When a booking is made, the details appear in your Setmore calendar instantly. You can even accept bookings from your website, Facebook and Instagram.

Your all-in-one app to book pilates classes.

Setting up class sessions takes routine admin and promotion off your hands. Simply select how often your class takes place, the number of spots, and a fee.

Clients can book into as many classes as they’d like, as far ahead as you specify. Instructors are also able to add clients to sessions, and when full, they no longer display on your Booking Page.

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Elevate their experience.

When a client books in, you both receive instant booking confirmations. In the lead-up to their session, they also receive a personalized text or email reminder.

If a client has a recurring spot in your calendar, or has booked into multiple classes, they get reminders before every session. Create a custom and convenient client journey with pilates booking software.

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Strike a balance between in-person and video sessions.

Reach a global client base with the Teleport, Zoom and Google Meet integrations. Your booking system for online pilates classes adds 1-click video links to email confirmations. Pick the services that require video and instruct from anywhere.

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