Sync Setmore with Your Google Calendar

Automatically import Google events into Setmore and export Setmore appointments to Google. Requires Setmore Premium to get started.


Easier Time Management

The Setmore-Google 2-way sync lets you stay up to date on your personal and professional appointments, curbing the need to constantly switch between platforms. This is ideal for entrepreneurs and workers who are always tapped into their work schedules, especially for those of you who are still checking your email past bedtime and when you first wake up.

Note : This feature requires Setmore Premium to activate. Learn more about Setmore Premium here >

Super Simple Activation

Simply activate Google 2-way sync in your staff profile in your Setmore account. Once you activate the switch, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Google account to authorize data sharing with Setmore.

Prevent Double-Booking from Your Booking Page

Events imported from Google will block out availability on your Setmore calendar. This means that customers won’t be able to schedule services with you in those time slots - preventing accidental double-bookings and other scheduling conflicts.

Share Resources Efficiently

By enabling the Google 2-way sync for two or more staff profiles, and linking them to the same Google account, you can make appointments from one staff calendar show up automatically on one or more others. This is useful in case you have two service providers who share the same room and can only book appointments when the room is empty.

Other Calendar Syncs Available

Don’t use Google Calendar? Setmore also offers a 2-way sync with your Microsoft Office calendar, available with a Premium subscription. Not a Premium user? We also offer a number of 1-way sync options - which will export your Setmore appointments to an external calendar, like iCal for Apple devices. Check out our support website to learn more >

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