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Fill your calendar faster with a custom QR code for your business. One scan and your Booking Page appears.

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Stick it like it’s hot.

Create your QR code for appointments and make it a gateway to your online Booking Page. With a single scan, your customers can access your service menu and real-time availability. Display your QR code on your storefront and allow foot traffic to self-schedule while on-the-move.

Fast track your bookings.

Feature your scalable appointment QR code on branded items and give access to your Booking Page from multiple sources. Point-of-sale displays, mailouts and print ads become infinitely more effective when customers can scan to book. Add your QR code to your business card and make scheduling meetings a breeze.

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Digital channels work harder.

Create more routes to accept bookings. Your QR code can be embedded on your website and featured across social media. Go beyond raising awareness with your online channels and turn them into conversion machines.

What is an appointment QR code?

A QR code is a simple matrix pattern that can be read by an imaging device such as a camera in your smartphone.

Point your phone at the QR code to the right and see how simple it is to book your Setmore demo call.

Your customers will ❤️ it.

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Your Booking Page, your rules.

Customize the look of your Booking Page and extend your brand online. In addition to scheduling and paying for appointments 24/7 , your customers can view your latest reviews and Instagram posts to get a real feel for your services. Complete your Booking Page’s aesthetic with your logo, brand colors, photos and staff profiles.

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Flip through our ultimate guide to QR codes to discover how they work, the benefits for different industries, and ideas for sharing yours.

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QR, it’s quite remarkable.

Offer a memorable booking experience and keep your customers coming back.


  • In your Setmore web or desktop app, navigate to Settings > Booking Page > Overview.

    You can print your code and attach it to your brick-and-mortar establishment or have it featured on business cards and print advertising. Your QR code even works digitally, so customers can scan it on your website or social media channels and access your Booking Page.

  • Your customers can use your QR code to add appointments to your calendar 24/7. Scanning your code leads them to your online Booking Page where they can view your services and availability. Here, they can self-schedule and pay for an appointment. Email confirmations are sent to both of you and the booking details land in your Setmore calendar instantly.

  • Your customers can scan your QR code to schedule an appointment, book a seat at an event or join a class. Provide access to your full Booking Page and empower your audience to book in-person or virtual sessions at any time.

  • QR codes are utilized by a variety of industries, from retail and beauty to healthcare and education. With a barber QR code, stylists can focus on buzzcuts and blowouts, while customers book appointments in the background.

    Similarly, a DMV appointment QR code enables staff to spend more time delivering services while booking for license renewals and tests is automated.

  • Retail companies use QR codes to set up personal shopping appointments, stylist consultations, in-store and virtual events and more. Featuring a QR code on retail displays or promotional items is an ideal way to share more details about an event. Passersby can scan to open your Booking Page and learn about your services, without having to contact you directly.

  • Yes. Your QR code links customers to your Booking Page. They can pick an appointment slot or reserve a seat at a group event, and pay by card. All you have to do is activate Setmore’s Square, Stripe or PayPal integrations and assign fees to selected services.

    Learn more about accepting prepayments with Setmore >

  • Yes, your appointment QR code works with Android or iOS devices. As long as your customer’s camera is enabled, they can open your Booking Page in no time.

  • Yes, your QR code is printable and scalable. Display it on your business cards and make more meetings happen. The recipient of your card scans your QR code and is sent to your Booking Page. They can self-book an in-person or video session without the back-and-forth.

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