Centralize your client data with the Setmore and Clio integration

Transfer your clients’ data to your Clio account securely.

Gather Evidence, Not Paperwork

Your workday should be spent handling cases, dispensing advice and researching legal records. Spend more time tending to your clients and less time organizing your calendar.

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    Consolidate Your Data

    Send client details from Setmore to your Clio account to save time on updating records.

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    Self-Service Booking

    Maximize your billable hours as clients book, reschedule or cancel meetings 24/7.

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    Updates On-the-go

    Receive instant meeting updates straight to your iOS or Android device.

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    Add Customer Notes

    Upload links to vital case information, contracts, and invoices in Customer Notes.

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    Accept Client Payments

    Receive lawyers’ fees through Setmore and record your billing information in Clio.

Grow your firm by connecting your free online scheduling Setmore app with Clio.

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Share Booking Availability

Make your Booking Page easy to access. Post your calendar on Facebook and Instagram to entice prospective clients. Create a trusted platform by branding your Booking Page and displaying client reviews.

Access Confidential Information

Gather client data through Setmore and sync it with Clio in just a few clicks. Access all pertinent information when researching a case and spend less time searching for documents.

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Empower Your Firm to Convert Leads

Give your lawyers the freedom to capture and qualify new leads. View your team’s individual calendars and distribute cases evenly to increase morale and efficiency.

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    Create Staff Booking URLs

    Allow your attorneys to manage their own schedules and book prospects.

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    Delegate Tasks

    Allocate cases to different team members based on availability or specialism.

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    24/7 Support

    If you’re in need of assistance, Team Setmore is here to help.

Host Virtual Meetings

Utilize teleport or Zoom to connect with prospective clients without the commute.

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Automate Reminders

Send email and SMS reminders for court dates and hearings to your clients.


Will clients see each others’ contact information when they book online?

No. Clients only see your available time slots. Your appointment calendar is exclusively visible to you when you log into Setmore.

Do my client appointments appear on my Clio account?

No. You can view your client appointments on your Setmore calendar.

Can I transfer information from Clio to Setmore?

Unfortunately, no. This integration currently works one-way.

Does Setmore work with other apps?

Yes. Setmore supports dozens of integrations with third-party apps, such as Facebook, MailChimp, QuickBooks, and Zapier. Here is a full list.