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The 5 best ways to get your Booking Page seen.

Your Booking Page is a snapshot of who you are as a business. Not only can visitors check out your offering, team and availability, but they also get an impression of what your brand is all about. When you customize yours, you’ve got an online front desk that mirrors your in-person experience.

Tailoring it is just step one; getting eyes on it allows you to bypass costly marketplaces and get noticed commission-free. Let’s run through our top 5 tips for sharing your free Booking Page and getting more appointments in your calendar.

Expand your brand

Being a small business comes with its own set of challenges. But it also allows you to grow into anything you want to be. There are plenty of pitfalls for brands in marketplaces; however, by owning your individuality, you can increase your visibility to a larger audience.

When you back your brand, it stands out, contextualizes your business and ensures you reach people who want to purchase from or collaborate with you.

Tools such as your Booking Page, Reserve with Google, social media and even payment integrations put the power in your hands. They’re free to use and connect with, helping you land more bookings and boost your business—no marketplace required. 

Make an impression: Customize your online Booking Page

Branding isn’t all about aesthetics or being visually appealing; it’s about deeply connecting with your customers. 

Think of it like this: you’re a metalhead. Sure, dressing like one means you attract similar folk, but if you’re not into the same music and culture, you’re not going to come off as the real deal. Your brand image targets a specific audience—and appearance matters—but it must align with your entire business. 

Effective branding highlights your identity; it lets every visitor instantly know what you stand for, but you also must deliver on expectations. Emotional connection is key—64% of people want that with the brands they champion. If you want to maintain or deepen your relationship, ensure your online presence matches your offline. Here’s a Booking Page example: [insert Booking Page image]

55% of first impressions are based on visuals. To engage with and land customers who really vibe with your brand, your Booking Page needs to be 100%. The Booking Page template allows you to add your logo, brand colors, images, and reviews; edit the appearance, and truly make it your own. 

When you’re in control, you’re free to promote yourself as you see fit, in contrast to rules set by marketplaces. Once it’s looking sharp, it’s time to get it out there:

1. Add a ‘Book now’ button to your social media

Start by getting social. As mentioned above, your audience, leads and customers value something they can relate to. Those connections can be forged on social media. It’s a great tool for humanizing your brand, getting your values across and speaking directly with your audience. 

91% back the power of social media when it comes to connecting with people. So when a salon offers hairstyling tips, a wedding photographer shares their best snaps from the month, or a PT answers basic fitness questions in the comments, you could be starting a relationship that lasts a lifetime (nice work 👏).

Adding a ‘Book now’ button to Instagram or Facebook is a great way to capitalize on those connections. When clicked, visitors are directed to your Booking Page, where they’ll see all your stunning branding and services, and be able to schedule an appointment. It’s easy, direct and takes conversations to conversions in an instant. 

2. Booking from your website

Building a website for your small business has several perks. From crafting a strong online presence to fostering brand awareness and (you guessed it) connecting with customers, it provides a direct link for people to search and learn about your business. It doesn’t have to break the bank. With some time and effort, you can build your small business website on a budget

A solid website also gets more eyes on your business. By optimizing your site for search engines, you ensure that people with intent find your brand. If you want local leads, specific strategies like targeting SEO keywords and creating localized landing pages will help your site get seen by people in your area. 

Whether you run a virtual tutoring business, or an on-call home repair service, converting leads for your website is key. Add a booking widget to it and route interested visitors to your Booking Page. 

3. Reserve with Google

Google is such a powerful tool it’s become its own phrase, don’t trust me? ‘Just Google it’! 


Optimizing your site helps ensure you appear higher in SERPs, but enhancing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is just as helpful. 70% of people are more likely to go for a business with a completed profile than one with an incomplete one. 

Other factors such as relevance, distance and how established you are, all play a part. If you’ve got tons of good reviews, you’re more likely to shoot up the rankings. Listing your services or having a ‘Book now’ button on your Google Business profile can help you stand out. With Reserve with Google, you get that button, allowing customers to book from your profile. 

4. QR codes

The magic little box that’s a portal to your business. QR codes have actually been around since 1994. They’ve come a long way to what we know them as today. You can attach them to a host of marketing materials: business cards, posters, emails, stickers—you name it. With the omnipresence of smartphones, it’s super convenient for people to scan them.

QR codes can be a powerful marketing tool when effectively incorporated. And, did you know your Setmore app can generate a QR code for your Booking Page? Just go to Settings > Booking Page, click the QR code icon and there you have it. Attach it to your marketing materials and share it with the world.

By 2025, 100 million mobile users will be scanning QR codes in the US. Leverage this trend for yourself and tap into a new audience that requires minimal effort. Once you have your own QR code and it’s out there, more and more people will land on your Booking Page. Check out our guide to ensure you’re making the most of your QR code. 

5. Marketing campaigns

Growth and sharing go hand in hand—as you share and promote your business, you are in turn growing your brand. Although marketplaces offer a quick route to getting your business out there, they can often bury your brand in a sea of competition. By eliminating the intermediaries, you can market your brand as it should, and attract your perfect customers. 

From building brand loyalty to using branding tools and generating more leads, there are lots of ways for you to grow your brand. If you’re creating an email campaign, you can attach your Booking Page link or QR code, giving readers to easiest route to scheduling an appointment. Your app also integrates with CRM software like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, so every person who books is automatically added to your contacts. 

Remember to keep your campaigns SMART: each goal should be specific, while also being something you can measure and manage in a set time period. Every campaign doesn’t have to be a home run, but if you’re consistent and offering your audience value, they’ll be sure to keep you in mind for their next appointment. 

Share your appointment Booking Page today

Your brand is special, and you should be able to set the tone for it each and every time. When you create a Booking Page, you’re in control of the message it puts out there. It’s fun, it’s relatable and it’s something your customers are going to love.

Get started FREE today and customize yours now. Once you’re ready to go, ensure you start sharing and using the countless tools your app has to promote your business.

Happy scheduling!

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