Let customers scan and book with your QR code.

You’ve seen them everywhere. The two-tone grid patterns that lead you to virtual surprises. But what exactly are QR codes and how do they work for appointment booking?

Let’s talk about it.

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What is a QR code?

A QR code - or quick response code - is a geometric matrix pattern that is readable by your smartphone and tablet’s camera. These types of codes provide a shortcut to a URL or other online content, simply by scanning them.

Your Setmore account comes with a customer-facing Booking Page and you can generate a free QR code from within your app. Wherever you display your code, customers can scan and book appointments online.

One scan, countless opportunities.

Get your QR code

Your Setmore QR code is static and permanently linked to your Booking Page. If you edit your Booking Page URL, you’ll need to regenerate your code.

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What are the benefits of using a QR code?

1 billion

smartphones are predicted to access QR codes by next year (Juniper Research).

A 2021 Statista survey revealed that almost half of US respondents had scanned a QR code in the three months prior. Additionally, 59% were certain that QR codes would become a permanent part of their phone usage in future.

The pandemic may have created a resurgence of the QR code, but consumer engagement dictates this trend will soon become commonplace.

  • QR codes are versatile and scalable, making it straightforward for businesses to display them on business cards, marketing materials and more.
  • For customers, they offer additional convenience in booking. There’s no need for anyone to remember your Booking Page URL. When scanned, your QR code directs them straight to your Booking Page, which features your services, availability, fees and company information.
  • Your online and offline marketing is enhanced. Any promo items you produce go beyond raising awareness of your services, to offer a direct route to book them.
  • Your audience can schedule and pay online, creating a completely contactless end-to-end experience. Availability and fees are also quickly editable, reducing the need to re-print marketing materials.
  • QR codes can link leads to further information than what is featured in advertising. For example, your Booking Page is able to showcase client reviews.
  • Your business capitalizes on footfall. Whether you display a code on your storefront or outdoor advertising, your audience is able to book right away. There’s no need to call, email or visit you at your premises.

Who uses appointment QR codes?

Any service-based business benefits from introducing QR codes. Your audience is given a direct route to make reservations, cutting out the back-and-forth and any travel needed to make a booking. Here are just a few use cases from Setmore customers.

Conveying event information is the second most popular use for QR codes, after directing customers to further product information (comSCORE MOBILENS).

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Many retail businesses utilize QR codes for personal shopping appointments, and in-store and virtual events. It’s no secret that store employees spend most of their shifts on foot - finding items in different sizes, dashing to and from stockrooms, explaining product details, and of course, manning cash registers.

Personal shopping services help ensure customers receive individual attention. These services are offered in a variety of forms: styling sessions for bridal parties, consultations for bespoke furniture design, product demonstrations over video, and more.

Appointment QR codes also organize customer foot traffic so store employees are not overwhelmed. With spots reserved, relevant staff can prepare for customers beforehand and offer a tailored experience.

Additionally, if promoting an event with a specific guest number limit, QR codes aid in tracking attendance. Customers can sign up to take part from your ads and you get notified when the event is full.

clinics streamline booking process qr code


When a patient is in distress, the last thing they want is lengthy wait times to book an appointment. Hospitals and clinics use QR codes to streamline the booking process, offering an online gateway to patients.

Rather than needing to call for appointments, patients can self-schedule and manage their bookings online. It’s a 24/7 solution that also alleviates routine administrative duties from reception teams. Medical practices that offer dental and counseling, to acupuncture and rehab services display QR codes on their entrances, patient communications, websites and advertising.

Not only can existing patients reserve time in a doctor’s calendar instantly, new patients can effortlessly book their initial consultations. This is invaluable for clinics that offer elective surgery and short-term care such as physical therapy.

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Successful barbers and hairdressers tend to have their hands full. When you’re coloring, quaffing, fading - and providing valuable life advice only a stylist can - you don’t have much time to schedule appointments.

Many salons and barber lounges add QR codes to their cash registers and storefronts so clients can self-schedule their next appointment with ease. Service providers can keep their scissors in hand while appointment details land in their calendars.

With prepayments set up on their Booking Pages, they can also get paid ahead of time. It’s a win-win: Salons reduce distracting calls and increase their bookable hours.

Many professionals also feature QR codes on custom products, making it simple for clients to book their next appointment. And for those that attend hair shows and competitions, adding a booking QR code to POS displays helps drum up custom and nurture partnerships.

salons qr code booking page setmore

QR codes are super handy. Your clients can literally just scan and go. It’s as easy as that.

This has just been massively beneficial for our business. No more having to drop down 100-200 clients every week. As you can see, it just fits in perfectly for our salon.

Absolutely fantastic, I 100% recommend Setmore. Thank you guys for making my life so much easier.

- Dionne, Owner of Simply Goddess Super Salon
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When everyone in a particular region relies on one DMV, keeping appointments in check is paramount. Some branches offer advance booking for services like license renewals to cut down on queues. This ensures each visitor a time slot and helps alleviate tensions from waiting in line. When someone is guaranteed attention at a certain time, they waste less time in their day.

They can head to a DMV office in person or visit its website and choose a time that works for them. The rest of the day is theirs.

Offices typically place QR codes on their doors, counters and online and offline forms. When wait times are shorter, visitors can sit in their cars or grab coffee, rather than staying on their feet.

trainers use qr code on promotional items


In the competitive industry of personal training, it pays to offer a simple booking process. The market for virtual fitness was valued at $6,046 million in 2019, and it is projected to hit $59,231 million by 2027 (Valuates Report). When potential customers are considering and comparing trainers, QR codes make it straightforward to convert leads.

Many athletic trainers place QR codes on promotional items like t-shirts, water bottles, reusable bags and sweatbands. After an initial consultation on fitness goals, the client gets a personalized gift that also offers them a quick way to book again.When conducting classes outdoors, potential clients can reserve seats in upcoming sessions. Spectators don’t have to interrupt - they can scan any promotional item you have set up to book their own training session.

When conducting classes outdoors, potential clients can reserve seats in upcoming sessions. Spectators don’t have to interrupt - they can scan any promotional item you have set up to book their own training session.

Right now, Instagram has half a billion daily active users and 1 in 3 are interested in health and fitness (Facebook). If you work in a related field, ensure you add QR codes to your social media posts and capitalize on online interest.

These are just a few examples of industries that have championed the use of QR codes. Explore more business types Setmore supports here.

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How to get your QR code.

Your booking QR code is free from Setmore. Open your web app and head to Settings > Booking Page. You’ll see a section titled ‘Scan to book’. Hit the download button and your QR code will be with you in seconds.

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Your QR code downloads as a PNG image. It’s scalable, making the options for display limitless. Shrink it for business cards, expand it for billboards.

Download your QR code

Can anyone scan a QR code?

Yes, providing your customers have a smartphone or tablet with an enabled camera. Newer phone models have QR code readers built in. iPhones with iOS 11 and above do not require you to download a QR code reader app. The native camera knows what it’s doing and even connects with Google Lens.

Phones with Android 8 or higher can also scan QR codes without a separate app installed.

How QR codes work?

When your customer scans a QR code with their device, a pop-up notification appears on screen. When they tap it, your Booking Page displays in all its glory. From there, they can self-schedule and pay for an appointment online.

Phones with Android 8 or higher can also scan QR codes without a separate app installed.

  1. Your customer scans your QR code and taps the notification
  2. They select a service and a convenient appointment slot
  3. They’re required to add contact details and accept your terms
  4. Payment information is taken
  5. Your customer’s appointment is confirmed!

Both the customer and service provider receive instant email confirmations. If your customer opted in for email or text reminders, they’re also automatically fired out.

Check out our illustrated support article for details on how to get your QR code. You’ll also see how your customers use the code to confirm a booking.

Heads up: Your static Setmore QR code is linked to your Booking Page’s current URL. If you change the URL, you will need a brand-new QR code. The old QR code will no longer work and you’ll need to replace it where displayed.

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How to share your QR code.

QR codes are incredibly flexible and can feature across both print and online materials. No matter where your business name appears, place your QR code alongside it.

scan qr code at storefront and window

Your storefront

Footfall is vital to the longevity of businesses like salons and retail stores. However, when staff members are on their feet and attending to customers, it’s harder to schedule appointments in a timely manner. And if potential customers are on the move, they may not have the time to enter your premises to book.

Adding a QR code to your storefront or window dressing is an ideal solution. Customers can scan and schedule from their phones without needing to come in and check your diary. Staff can continue what they’re doing, knowing customers have an immediate route to book your services.

Your audience doesn’t need to remember or note your phone number, email address or Booking Page URL. Convenient, client-friendly.

scan qr code on business cards setmore

Business cards

Networking is an everyday activity for consultants, trade professionals and sales reps. Typically working on a job-to-job basis, it’s all about booking the next project.

Business cards are instantly more effective when the recipient is given a route to book. As your QR code has no size restrictions, it can be shrunk to fit the corner of your card. Appointments can even be scheduled at the point a card is handed over, in person 🤝

When a previous client recommends you, they often pass your card on. Immediate access to your Booking Page is important to someone unfamiliar with your services. Leads don’t just see your availability, they’re directed to service descriptions, price lists, customer reviews, and more. A QR code linked to your Booking Page provides a fully-branded view of your business.

meet and greet pos scan qr code

POS displays

Meet and greets are what conventions, trade fairs and competitions are made for. Businesses travel far and wide to attract more customers and build their brands.

When you’re bombarded with interested guests, it can be tough to give each one personal attention. By attaching a QR code to your booth or printing it on your point-of-sale displays, you can set up meetings with every lead, during or after the event.

When people are comparing and conversing with different vendors, they’re less likely to wait around for facetime. When you’re in the middle of a demo or answering questions, a QR code allows others that approach to book an initial meeting online. Next time they see you, your time is all theirs.

scan qr code company car


Contractors, home repair specialists and mobile pet groomers are always on the go. Featuring a QR code on company cars and sponsored vehicles helps boost your business.

When passive customers see your work in their neighborhood, they may want to get in contact. In the case of a roofer, these prospects are hardly going to climb up scaffolding to say hello. But, they might get your details from a branded van or vehicle.

A QR code for booking fits any space, from car doors to lorry curtains. Advertise what you do best and let your audience take you up on it, wherever you pull up.

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Marketing and promo items

Cut down how long it takes for a customer to learn about your business and book an appointment. Every business leader relies on marketing being so compelling that viewers remember their services and contact them after.

If you post a flyer, a customer reads it and (typically) has to snap or note your contact details. They could call you on the spot, but perhaps you’re busy. From there, you’re relying on them feeling strongly enough to try contacting you again. That’s if they haven’t gone to a competitor.

By displaying a QR code on print ads like flyers, posters and mailouts, customers can reserve your time as soon as they discover you.

Promotional items used to raise awareness at events, utilized by staff, or gifted after initial consultations are also enhanced. Smart promotions ensure leads remember your name and nudge them to continue the relationship.

We’ve seen incredible results from personal trainers who have added QR codes to water bottles, custom sports equipment and staff clothing.

blank image setmore

Our branded t-shirts have been super important for new customer bookings!

Our new adult beginner group class (Skill level 1.0-3.5) was completely sold out! Thank you to @setmore as we used their new QR CODE software for instant bookings. Our tennis Star head pro @lendalejohnson was a walking billboard because the QR CODE was on the back of his t-shirt!

- Lendale Johnson, Owner of Johnson High Performance Tennis Academy

Lendale Johnson also displayed QR codes for lessons in the NYC subway, around popular tennis courts. This helped his academy capitalize on high footfall areas, frequented by his business’ key demographics.

place qr code on your website

Your website

A QR code can be placed on any page of your website. You can even include your code in the header or footer, so the option to book is always visible.

When on their laptop, all a viewer needs to do is point their camera at the code and your Booking Page appears on their phone. This unique interactivity can add to the credibility of your service. Customers have a truly connected experience and can engage with your company across any device.

If you repeat your Booking Page URL over and over, or hyperlink to it in copy, it could be overlooked. A QR code is bold and noticeable; your audience won’t need to search for the option to book.

post qr code image on social media

Social media and online ads

Social media audiences often absorb photos and neglect to read captions and profile details. That goes for your followers and users that simply see your posts in their feed.

Display your QR code within the images you post to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. You can even add your QR code to videos, helping to enhance YouTube tutorials, Instagram Stories, TikToks and more.

Those that view your social posts on laptop can scan it with their phones and schedule an appointment through your Booking Page. You’re not relying on them reading captions to take action.

Further optimize your Instagram posts with a ‘Book Now’ button that links to your Booking Page.

curly hair lady using blog post


When potential customers are researching services in their area, they’ll look at what you offer versus your competitors. One way to differentiate your business is to highlight your staff’s expertise using blog posts. An active blog makes your website more favorable to Google, giving it a better chance of appearing higher in local search results.

Not only that, it shows customers that your website is updated and that you’re engaged with the latest industry trends and news. In recent years, it has been imperative for tutors, designers and medical professionals to showcase how well they operate online. Their different audiences now expect the option to meet them in person or virtually. Blog posts showing awareness and accommodation of client needs give your business a competitive edge.

Adding a QR code to valuable articles capitalizes on readership, enabling your audience to book at the peak of interest. Remember to display codes on guest posts or partnered content articles, as well as your own blog.

email campaigns qr code


Targeted email campaigns help keep the conversation going after first appointments. Many businesses keep CRMs to stay in contact with their customers year-round.

By segmenting your email database, you can send the most relevant updates to the right customers. This includes special offers, introductions to new services, company news, loyalty discounts and more. Emails are also essential when it comes to filling seats at events.

Ensure you add your QR code to relevant email campaigns. Let’s consider a sought-after tattoo artist offering a short-term discount for filling in their own designs. Some customers may choose not to have a design filled. Some may wait on it due to the expense.

If a tailored campaign was sent to a list of 200 recent customers that were on the fence due to expense, the response could be huge. Phone lines could be tied up with people trying to book using the discount. The engagement is great but an independent tattoo artist can’t jump on every call. A QR code linked to your online Booking Page allows clients to book in the background, no calls necessary.

QR codes were actually invented in the 90s. One of the reasons they didn’t see widespread usage until many years later was that convenient mobile tech had not caught up. Now, customers have in-built apps on their smartphones that make scanning simple. And, linked-to websites and content are optimized for mobile devices, encouraging action.

To create quality interaction and get more appointments, ensure you’ve set up a client-friendly Booking Page.

google analytics integration qr code setmore

Tracking your QR code.

Activate the Google Analytics integration to monitor engagement with your Setmore QR code. Connecting your accounts allows you to view where your bookings come from.

Just how many people scan your QR code and make it all the way to reserving your time? By getting to know your audience, you can tailor their booking experience.

If you’re getting more appointments through your QR code than other channels, consider printing it on more items. If bookings have increased since displaying your code around your premises, consider more ways to reach your local audience. For example, print ads and cross-promotions with other businesses in your community.

To ramp up appointments from QR code scans, ensure you’ve optimized your Booking Page for when visitors access it. Add your full service menu, staff profiles, fees, reviews, logo, an Instagram stream and more.

Create more QR codes.

Your static Setmore QR code is tied to your Booking Page. However, there are countless uses for codes that further engagement with your customer base. Download additional QR codes using a free tool like Wix’s QR code generator.

These can be used to direct customers to:

  • Detailed product info
  • A sign-up page for your referral program
  • Exclusive discount codes
  • Paperless menus
  • Online forms and questionnaires
  • Enhanced, interactive marketing and advertising
  • Gated content, including white papers and BTS videos

Best practice tip: Include a clear CTA so the viewer knows what to expect when they scan.

Many businesses include QR codes on packaging and receipts for additional interactivity with everyday items.

Rest assured, your QR codes do not expire. They remain active and operational as long as the linked-to content is live 🏆

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