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How to schedule appointments in a medical office.

Whether you offer physical therapy or dental services, keeping your calendar in check is vital to patient satisfaction. Press play for inspiration.

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Find ideas on how to get patients more involved in their care, run a medical practice more efficiently, and offer consultations online.

Guides to enhance patient experience.

Let’s discuss everything on your checklist; from starting a medical practice and promoting your services, to managing staff and cutting down missed appointments.

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I can be literally anywhere and schedule people. It’s a pretty amazing tool for an appointment-based service.
Aaron Goulding, South Coast Pet Dentals Inc.

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FAQs from the healthcare industry.

  • When researching online booking platforms, look at use cases specific to medical businesses. These will typically highlight if a HIPAA compliant version of the platform is available. After all, this is a factor all US-based healthcare firms need to consider.

    Learn more about Setmore Health and the additional security features it offers to help meet HIPAA regulations.

  • A personalized reminder sent via email or text can have a huge impact on your practice's productivity. In total, missed appointments cost the healthcare industry $150 billion per year (SCI Solutions). Not only can your revenue take a hit, the time wasted could’ve gone to patients that required care.

    To help remedy this, consider automating text or email appointment reminders. HIPAA compliant booking platforms can also restrict which details appear.

  • Our latest articles on medical practice trends and patient expectations can help you with this. View our clinic resources.

  • Telemedicine and online consultations became much more widespread from 2020. Not only do they offer patients more flexibility, virtual consultations help specialists to maximize their hours.

    To provide online consultations, start by finding the right video conferencing platform for your business. If you’re a Setmore customer, Teleport is built-in and free with every account. You can also select from our Zoom and Google Meet integrations.

    Learn more about setting up and hosting 1-click video consultations.

  • Storing patient data digitally is essential. Not only does this provide a backup to your paper-based system, you centralize notes for all relevant team members. Specialists can access appointment and treatment histories from any device; ideal when they’re on the move or traveling.

    With Setmore, you can add notes to patient profiles and appointment data updates automatically. Account admins can also assign varying degrees of access to different staff.

    For additional data privacy tools, consider a HIPAA compliant booking and CRM system.

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