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The perfect fit: Choosing your cloud based scheduling software.

Streamlining your scheduling process is crucial in helping small businesses find time to serve more customers. Managing appointments efficiently, enhancing customer experience and ensuring smooth business operations requires a reliable automated calendar. 

With several options available, how do you find the ideal automated calendar that suits your brand’s needs? 

Not to brag, but we know a thing or two about scheduling. Let’s explore 6 factors for choosing a cloud-based scheduling software that helps your small business grow and get organized.

Choose the ideal cloud based appointment booking system for your brand.

Before diving into the sea of cloud based appointment scheduling, take a moment to assess your specific requirements. What are your core scheduling challenges? Do you need a solution for managing multiple team members, handling online bookings or syncing appointments across devices?

Common considerations: 

  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Size of team
  • Ease of use
  • Connected apps
  • Scalability and growth
  • User experience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage
  • Number of appointments
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Adaptability and customization

Data-driven decisions are crucial for all business choices — including selecting the right cloud based appointment booking system. Research shows that only 25% of companies use data for all decisions (S&P Global). For example, customer information, sales data, financials and team data.

Crunching the numbers leads to better outcomes and investments. Trust your research and your instincts, but try a free trial to familiarize yourself with the software. With Setmore, you can start FREE and always upgrade to Pro or Team at a later date. 


Features, features and more features ?

Suppose you’re on a budget; you need a cloud based appointment scheduling software with maximum value. Considering what features a platform has can really influence your decision. While word-of-mouth from your circle is solid, only you know what will keep your business running smoothly. 

When evaluating cloud based booking systems, look for key functionalities such as:

Online booking optionsEmpower your customers with self-booking and fill your calendar faster. Showcase services, availability, pricing, and contact details for cloud based scheduling made simple.
Appointment booking and managementEnsure the app provides seamless scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation capabilities.
Calendar syncCheck if the app integrates with your existing calendars (such as Google Calendar) to avoid double-bookings or scheduling conflicts.
PaymentsNo money, mo’ problems. Having an app that can take payments in your customers’ preferred way is crucial. 
Automated remindersLook for the ability to send automated reminders to both customers and staff, reducing no-shows and making communication a breeze.
Real-time availabilityDoes the scheduling software sync with your existing calendar, is it stand-alone, or does it do both? Ensure your team and customers have instant visibility of availability. 
Tailored bookingsA flexible app should allow you to customize settings, branding, and services to match your business’s style and needs.
Class bookingFind the best app to book and host group sessions — in-person or online. Benefit from automatic session closure when full, online reservations and recurring appointments.
Scheduling app supportEasily access assistance, receive prompt inquiry responses and get guidance on using the app effectively through chat, email or calls.

Researching before signing up ensures that your scheduling app meets your specific business needs. Organizations that rely on data, such as internal, customer and competitor analysis, are 23 times more likely to gain new customers and six times as likely to keep them (McKinsey Global Institute). Don’t miss out — do your homework and make an informed choice.

Adoption as easy as 1-2-3 ✅

Say goodbye to hours spent on administrative tasks by switching to a cloud-based shared calendar app. It’s not just about ease of use; it’s automation that empowers you to make the most of your time and stay on top of your game.

Look for apps that offer user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation and straightforward setup procedures. A brand that includes demos and onboarding calls helps users tailor their booking system. A clean and intuitive design minimizes the learning curve for you and your team. 

Each team member gets their own Booking Page with Setmore. Seamlessly integrate staff and offer customers the convenience of booking their preferred specialist.  

WebinarCare found 65% of employees prioritize early access to work schedules. Easily check and plan team schedules from your admin calendar on any device — including on your mobile app.


Connect your favorite apps ?

Consider the various software you already use in your business ecosystem. A cloud based online booking system that connects seamlessly with your existing tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing platforms, or payment gateways can easily enhance productivity. Save time and avoid manual data entry with automated communication between apps.

If you’ve gathered a huge social media following, attaching a convenient ‘Book Now’ button to your Facebook or Instagram gives your audience a direct route to landing a spot in your calendar. Boost customer engagement and reward VIP clients with targeted discounts through MailChimp once they’re in your system.

Whether you’re a budding business or a thriving enterprise, an automated process helps maximizes your bookable hours. When your favorite apps sync with your booking software, you create a harmonious environment that runs like a dream.

Most value for business

The lowest price doesn’t always mean the most value — but Setmore does offer a budget-friendly FREE plan. As mentioned above, knowing your needs helps you decide what is the best cloud-based booking system for your brand. Assess the pricing structure of different software and assess what they bring to your brand.

Compare features, the benefit of cloud based booking system and support provided by each app within your budget. Strike a balance between affordability and functionalities to maximize your ROI. Consider the size of your team; does every member need their own calendar? Weigh up the available options and make your educated decision.

82% of clients use mobile devices to book appointments (Zippia), emphasizing the importance of having a mobile-friendly booking system. Opt for a cloud based system that caters to both desktop and mobile, ensuring easy booking for all clients — regardless of their device.

Happy customer

Customers know best ?

Research the scheduling brand’s target customer base — are they exclusive to serving businesses in your industry? An app designed specifically for your niche may offer industry-specific features and tailored support, making it an ideal match for your business. For example: IN THE CHAIR, designed with barbers in mind, understands the intricacies of barbershop scheduling.

If you choose a catch-all option, prioritize your brand. Your customizable Booking Page showcases your logo, colors, services and even connects with your Instagram feed. It’s a snapshot of your brand identity and strengthens the sense of community with your clients.

Understand your customers’ preferences, such as payment options, service customization and virtual sessions. Search for a calendar app that aligns with your brand and prioritizes customer satisfaction — they’re always right, after all.

The best cloud based booking system? It’s up to you

Choosing the right cloud based booking system can revolutionize your brand’s operations, increase efficiency and enhance customer experience. Just ensure it aligns with your brand goals and suits your team’s needs. 

Happy scheduling!

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