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Take bookings online to offer your clients extra convenience.

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Bring some harmony to your calendar.

When a client schedules a music lession using your Booking Page, the details appear in your calendar and you get an instant notification.

  • Accept bookings online

    Share your Booking Page and allow clients to browse your services, select a convenient time and pay for their music lesson online.

  • Grow your client base

    Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your music school’s website, Facebook and Instagram. New leads can reserve your time 24/7.

  • Provide virtual music lessons

    The Zoom and Google Meet integrations make it simple to meet potential clients online and offer remote music classes.

  • Start strumming on time

    Automate email or text reminders to ensure lessons begin and end on time, helping to get the most out of your hours.

  • Practice makes perfect

    Set up weekly, monthly or custom recurring appointments for clients who require regular lessons or book class packages.

  • Collect reviews

    Positive feedback enhances your Booking Page. Let Setmore send review requests to your clients after their music lessons.

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    We've been using Setmore for about a year now. Appointments are easily scheduled and reminders are sent to both teachers and students. We are really happy with this software.

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    Create your online Booking Page and make it straightforward for clients to schedule music lessons independently.

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Keep your bookings on beat.

When you add an appointment to your calendar, that time is hidden from your Booking Page. When a client schedules a lesson using your Booking Page, that time is no longer available to other clients.

Your calendar and Booking Page work in sync to ensure you’re never double booked. Every time a client books a session, you’re notified immediately across all devices.

Leave no clients waiting.

By automating booking confirmations and email or text reminders, you save valuable time and your clients stay in the loop.

There’s no need for anyone to contact you directly about booking, increasing convenience for clients and teachers. With fewer distractions during lessons, you can focus on tapping keys and tuning strings.

Bring in more clients.

Give your business a competitive edge by featuring a ‘Book now’ button on your website and social media. When a potential client discovers your services, they can book right away at the height of engagement.

Optimize your Booking Page to appear in Google search results for local music schools, and display its link on email marketing, business cards, print ads and more.

Create multiple team logins.

Whether they teach beginners’ piano or work with world-class orchestral musicians, ensure every team member can simplify scheduling.

Each team login comes with an individual calendar and booking link. Clients can book with the relevant specialist quickly from your Booking Page, and you can assign and manage music lessons in your admin calendar.

Hit the right note and boost your bookings.

With an online booking and payment system for music lessons, you eliminate wait times and elevate client experience.

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