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Saving booking link in Google business profile

Add booking links to your Google Business Profile.

When your business appears in Google search results, ensure your audience gets a proper snapshot of what’s on offer and can book right away. You can enhance your Google Business Profile with your Booking Page link, a service booking link or a team booking link. Not only is invaluable to driving conversions from Google search, but local traffic is also able to find you and self-schedule appointments from Google Maps.

Here’s how to add booking to your Google business listing and the top 3 reasons why you should.

How to add an appointment link to your Google listing

1. Open your web app, head to ‘Apps & Integrations’ and copy your Booking Page link

2. Sign into your Google Business Profile

Google business profile login screen

3. Select ‘Booking’

Google business profile settings

4. Scroll to ‘Add a link’

Google business profile link settings

5. Paste your Booking Page link and click ‘Save’

Saving booking link in Google business profile

Check that your profile displays the booking link. If you don’t see it immediately, you don’t need to restart this process. Just review the details again later.

Search + scheduling 🤝

Streamline scheduling

With an appointment link in your profile, scheduling becomes straightforward from search results. People who discover your business while browsing and comparing have no need to visit your website or contact you. One click and your Booking Page appears, displaying your services and real-time availability.

Booking, your way

Customers experience your booking process with no changes whatsoever. As the appointment link opens your Booking Page, any customization stays in place. That goes for additional form fields, T&C pop-ups, reviews and brand elements. Your audience can book and pay as usual and the appointment details land right in your calendar.

Bookings can be taken for individual or group services, in-person or virtual.

Compete locally

When motivated searchers are looking for services in their area, a standout Business Profile can land you a lead. In addition to optimizing your listing with opening hours, Q&A, reviews and photos, be sure to offer instant booking. When someone is comparing your business to competitors, offering them the ability to book without calling gains you an edge.

Adding a booking option to your Business Profile also enables people to schedule appointments from Google Maps. This is an essential method to bring in customers who look for total convenience and services close to them.

Of course, the benefits of booking from Google Business Profiles go beyond capitalizing on local traffic. If you offer video services, people from all over the world can reserve your time from search.

Are you eligible for Reserve with Google?

Reserve with Google enables you to add a ‘Book’ button to your Business Profile. This is a free integration, but unlike appointment links, is only available to certain business types in the US.

The main difference in functionality is that, although your Setmore account is connected, the customer books through Google’s interface. Setmore is an official provider, however, Google approves each of your services separately to ensure they meet their criteria.

Read this how-to article for more details. Please note that Reserve with Google does not support particular features offered by your Booking Page, like online payments. Your customers also have to adhere to two sets of booking terms – yours and Google’s.

Why optimize your Google Business Profile?

Featuring a booking option is just one way to create a strong Business Profile. To ensure every viewer gets a well-rounded impression of your services, consider the following:

  • Add your company contact information: Confirm that your phone number, email, address and website details are accurate.
  • Specify your categories and attributes: These give viewers a quick understanding of your services and setup.
  • Update your business description: Say as much as you can – in a sentence or two – about your USP and mission. This description can encourage viewers to engage further or click through to your website.
  • Upload photos and posts: Showcase your location, facilities and the expertise of your team. Posting regularly is favored by Google.
  • Answer questions from leads and customers: Provide extra information about the experience people can expect. Use FAQs to eliminate any barriers to booking.
  • Collect reviews: Display positive feedback to convert more leads, and respond to customers to show that their patronage matters.
  • Enable messaging: Make it easy for people to reach out, without having to contact you or visit your premises.

Be sure to complete all essential sections of your listing and get it verified by Google. Google Knowledge Graph contextualizes all of this data for local searches.

By providing a detailed overview of what you offer, you can build trust with potential customers and get bookings from your profile.

Learn more about how to optimize your Google Business Profile and appear in more local search results. To monitor the impact of your listing and the number of bookings that come through search and Maps, check out Google Business Profile Manager.

We’re all about Google

If you’re a Google fan, you’ll be pleased to know that your account integrates with tons of their products:

✉️ Book appointments from your Gmail inbox

💡 Track Booking Page engagement with Google Analytics and Tag Manager

👋 Host virtual appointments with Google Meet

🔄 Sync your events to Google Calendar

Any questions about connecting Setmore with your Google Business Profile? Call, email or chat with us at any time. If you haven’t got your account yet, sign up for free or book your personalized demo.

Happy scheduling!

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