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Whether you work in real estate, law or design, it pays to learn new ways to connect with leads. We cover how to market yourself as a consultant, how to run a consultant business remotely and more.

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Clients now have a visual of my available time. It’s so easy for them to book me which makes scheduling a breeze!
Katarina Yzel, Business Support on Hand

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FAQs on how to run a consultant firm.

  • How do I grow my online consultant business?

    In addition to introducing video services for global clients, you should ensure your business has a strong digital presence. This includes a website, social media channels that best suit your audience, and hosting and participating in virtual events. You should add booking options where possible, so it’s easy for clients to reserve your time.

    Learn about adding booking options to your website, Facebook and Instagram. With a Setmore account, you also get a free booking QR code to print on marketing items, business cards, POS displays and more.

    To grow, you might also need more hours to meet clients. Consider automating typical management processes, so you can increase your bookable hours. For example, many platforms offer integrations that sync your appointment, payment and customer details with third-party apps. You can save valuable time by eliminating the need to manually update data.

    Head to our blog and read our guides for more ideas to grow your consultancy.

  • How do I market myself as a consultant?

    Highlighting your expertise is crucial to lead generation. Businesses looking for a consultant want assurance of their specialist knowledge. Define your niche and explore the marketing channels that your target audience is most engaged with. Then, it’s all about tailoring content that positions you as a leader in your field.

    An informative website and social media are a must. Marketing expert Laura Gomez has built her brand by showcasing her ideas on YouTube and Instagram.

    Link building is also a factor in getting a new business seen. By curating content for larger publications or partnering with others, you reach a wider audience with your skills.

    Of course, your audience requires different content depending on how motivated they are. Understand your sales cycle and ensure you have a diverse range of content for various stages. Optimized site pages are ideal to engage leads that are comparing services; opt-in emails can keep your business fresh in mind for those that look you up.

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For more information, check out our Support Center.

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