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Webinars: your doorway to lead generation.

Connecting with customers is crucial whether you work from home, in an office or through a hybrid model. The accelerated digital transformation has changed how consumers expect to engage with brands–more people are looking for personalized virtual engagement.

One such method is webinars–industry leaders sharing knowledge and training others online. These types of events enable businesses to capture leads, build connections internationally and raise brand awareness.

A recent study by Wyzowl revealed that 90% of marketers believe webinars are an effective tool for lead generation – almost two thirds utilize them as part of their content marketing strategy. There’s no need to worry about location, often making these events easier to plan, and there are a ton of environmental benefits.

With 2023 on the horizon, let’s look at how webinars could be the secret weapon in your content strategy:

1. Reach a wider audience.

Trade shows and live events are often restricted by geography. One of the biggest advantages of webinars is that anyone from anywhere can attend. Expenses for accommodation, travel and meals are avoided, saving money for both hosts and attendees.

This enables borderless marketing for businesses to branch out into countries beyond their home base. As well as connecting your team to customers in other parts of the world, webinars can uncover all-new segments based on bookings. Combined, this broadens your knowledge of your target audience.

wider audience

2. Become more sustainable

Online seminars positively impact the planet by consuming less energy, reducing travel and everything in between. According to vFairs, webinars emit less than 1% of the carbon dioxide produced compared to hosting a live event.

Not only does it help the planet, but you could stand out to potential customers who value environmentally-conscious brands. In a recent study, Deloitte found that 40% of consumers choose brands that have sustainable practices.

Your webinar can be as impactful as an in-person event, while showcasing that your brand cares about climate change.

3. Add variety to your content strategy.

With webinars being ultra-accessible, you want the widest reach and highest attendance numbers. This isn’t always possible due to time zone differences. To ensure your webinar engages more people, record it and provide footage on-demand.

Webinar recordings can also be part of your content strategy—clip webinars for email marketing, social media posts, online ads and more. Your webinar content becomes incredibly flexible, feeding into a range of promotional channels.

4. Improve brand awareness.

Whether establishing a new company or running a global team, webinars help position you as a thought leader in your industry. Spread your brand name far and wide, and associate it with a solution that people are hungry for.

During your webinar, attendees can take in your brand visuals and identity. You can customize your setup, just like an in-person event.

improve your brand

5. A targeted approach to finding customers.

73% of B2B webinar attendees turn into leads (Webinar Care). That means if they’re tuning in, chances are they’re prepared to shop with your brand.

Choose webinar topics that are niche and relate to the core specialties of your business. This makes it easier to convey how your product solves your audience’s pain points. And, as their presence at your event suggests that attendees are looking for a particular solution, you can create a more focused retargeting plan.

6. Build trust and lasting relationships.

Nurturing your customer base is an ongoing action. If you want to increase loyalty, it’s vital that your company keeps lines open and offers engaging content. Even if a customer doesn’t purchase from you regularly, a solid relationship encourages them to act as brand ambassadors.

Creating super-fans is important to the growth of your business. Your identity is far more than a building or a logo. Webinars give a face to your company and bring a grounded, human element to your communications.

Engage your audience face-to-face and let them invest in your story and staff, as well as your product.

build your trust

How to conduct webinars.

If you’re new to virtual events, we’ve got you covered. Set up webinars or panel discussions and let people reserve seats through your Booking Page.

With Google Meet, you can host events from 2 to 100 attendees, and with the Zoom integration, you can accommodate up to 1000 attendees.

Simply activate the video integration of your choice and make sure your group session is video-enabled. When an attendee books a spot at your webinar, the video link will be included in their email confirmation.

How to activate the Google Meet integration >

How to activate the Zoom integration >

Allow people to pay for their seats in advance >

Connecting your Booking Page to your website and social media channels provides an instant route to reservations. You can even share your Booking Page link in follow-up emails or DMs after webinars take place, so new leads can book your services right away.

Need any help?

If you have questions about setting up a webinar, reach out to us at any time. Any tips for hosting a virtual event? Share them at moremagic@setmore.com. Happy scheduling!


by Sinduja

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