Use Your Appointment Confirmation To Save Important Information.

Whenever an appointment is booked, it is essential to send a confirmation email to customers who book appointments from your website or the online Booking Page. Our system ensures that email notifications are sent immediately after an appointment is booked, once the details of an appointment are fixed and finalized.

But sometimes, you may wish there was a way to include additional information in the notification emails that are sent to your customers. It becomes tedious and time consuming to manually type in the same details repeatedly and send a follow-up email to your customers.

Did you know that additional details that need to be passed to your customers after a booking is made can be included in the notification email’s signature field? Doing this will ensure that your customers get to see your signature message after they book an appointment with your business or service either from the website or the Booking Page.

1. Login to your Setmore Account and choose “Settings”.

2. Next, select “Notifications” and then choose “Customization”.

3. Edit the default “Email Signature” and input your custom message. The email signature can include any vital information like Google Maps directions, or your Booking Page URL. Click anywhere outside the form field to save your changes.


4. Now, once an appointment is booked, this custom message will be sent along with the notification email. You no longer have to keep writing follow-up emails for providing crucial information.


by Cassandra

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

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