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Meet Setmore Free.

Access your calendar, book customer appointments and manage your staff using just one app. With Setmore Free, you can automate administrative tasks and spend more time building meaningful connections.

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It's a kind of magic!

Scheduling appointments with customers has never been this easy. Your Setmore account comes with a free and flexible online calendar. Click to book, drag and drop to reschedule, send automated email reminders and more.

This guide will help you get to know your calendar and Booking Page. Start here if you're a beginner, or would like to share insights on the essentials with colleagues.

What’s in the guide.

Explore how Setmore Free’s most popular features and integrations can impact your business. Find ideas to tailor your Booking Page and make scheduling a breeze.

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Here’s what we cover

Stay ahead of the curve.

By personalizing your account, you can offer memorable customer experiences from the point of booking. No email address necessary - just share the knowledge and pay it forward.

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