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android appointment app

Android Appointment App Ensures You Never Miss An Appointment.

At Setmore, our mission is to make online appointment booking as seamless as possible. And when you have a ton of appointments, you need to have a proper way to manage them. We’re glad to announce that we made appointment management EASIER. Period. REALTIME. Period. FIT IN YOUR POCKET. Period. The Setmore Android appointment app is now available in the Google Play store!


Why You Need The Android Appointment App?

The Setmore web app does a great job managing your appointments, but it still requires a bigger screen to have the best experience. In the era of smartphones, it makes more sense to have access to your appointment calendar wherever you are, whenever you want, whatever you’re doing. We believe the Setmore app for Android fills in these gaps by doing the following:

  1. Keeping you notified in real-time when someone books an appointment with your business.
  2. Giving you access to all appointments and customer info at all times.
  3. Helping you book an appointment with any customer, anywhere, anytime.

WHAT You Can Do With The Android Appointment App

Here’s a quick look at what your Setmore Android app does for your business:

  • Push notifications keep you and your staff updated whenever someone books your services.
  • An always-available solution to book appointments with your customers.
  • Agenda view for upcoming appointments.
  • Option to update, cancel or reschedule previously booked appointments.
  • Helps you keep tabs on your staff schedules and appointments booked.
  • Complete customer information, and your customer database at your fingertips.
  • Update staff/customer information whenever you need to.
  • User-level access restrictions ensure you see the whole picture while limiting what your staff can see.

Try out the Setmore app for Android and submit your feedback using the comments section below or on the Google Play store. For any questions reach us at help@setmore.com. Click here to download the Setmore app for Android.

Editor’s Note: This is an outdated post from 2013 and Setmore’s Android App has been revamped with more features and a new look. To find out more about the Setmore Android app, browse through the support articles here.

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