Deployment Notes: January 2019

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Our New Year’s Resolution for 2019: kick twice as much butt as the year before. And what better way to get started than with a new feature launch that’s guaranteed to help you make money? We’ve also got another slew of bug fixes to help make the Setmore platform more stable than ever before. Continue reading for details.

The (Square-Setmore) eagle has landed

The Setmore Booking page with a Pay Now window on display.

The Square integration is finally here! We’re super excited to announce this integration at the start of 2019. All signs point to an auspicious and lucrative year for Setmore users in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, where the integration is currently supported.

Eager to get started? Read the launch post for activation instructions >

Here’s some important things to know as you dive in Square:

  1. You can use the Square integration with the free, basic version of Setmore. This is unlike the Stripe integration, which requires a Setmore Premium subscription.
  2. Your Square fee for online payments made from the Booking Page is 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. Setmore doesn’t add any fee on top of this. Fees vary based on transaction type. Learn More >
  3. Class payments are not currently supported, but will be supported in the near future. All other appointment payments in Setmore are currently supported.

You can activate the Square integration under Account > Payments > Square in the Setmore mobile app, and Settings > Payments > Square in the Setmore web app. Of course, you’ll need your own Square account before you begin.

The Squish List: bug fixes and refinements


  • Clicking on the Setmore Support phone number in the web app will no longer cause it to disappear.
  • When exporting a list of customer contacts, area codes will no longer be curtailed from the phone number field.
  • Fixed an issue that temporarily prevented access to the Cognito Forms, Jimdo, Wix, Zapier, and Zendesk information cards in the web app.

Alerts & notifications

  • For customers who are in a different timezone, their local timezone will now properly display in any confirmation and reminder emails sent by Setmore. (This requires that the Show Local Time feature is activated for your account.)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Setmore mobile app to log out when the user received a reminder for their next appointment, if the reminder lead time was set to zero minutes.
  • The Appointment Rescheduled in-app alert will no longer trigger twice when payments are enabled.

Booking Page

  • Fixed a minor design issue when viewing the Booking Page on a tablet browser.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a customer’s upcoming appointments from properly showing in their Customer Login profile.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a deleted service category to show on the Booking Page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused new services created under a specific category to instead show under the “All Services” default category instead.
  • Service categories on the Booking Page will now properly appear in the order they are placed under Settings > Services.
  • Fixed a design break that caused the “Edit” option to be obstructed by the Name field when accessing the Customer Login from the mobile app.


  • You may now edit a customer’s name from the Appointment Details window as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a “Scheduling Conflict” error to appear when trying to book a weekly recurring appointment.
  • Updating appointment labels will now properly reflect in real time in the Setmore iOS app.
  • Deployed minor updates to increase the Google 2-way sync feature usability and stability.


  • When creating a singular class session, it will no longer appear as though multiple sessions were created.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some class sessions to disappear when editing them.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Setmore to experience usability problems after adding a class attendee with the name “New Customer.”

Device syncing & cross-platform compatibility

  • Payments made in one device should now properly sync in real time across all devices logged into the same Setmore account.
  • When activating off-hours booking, the feature will now properly activate across all devices.
  • Updating the business hours will now properly reflect for staff logins.
  • Updating staff profile details from an admin account will now properly reflect when logging in from the updated staff profile.
  • Changing an account profile password will once again force a logout for all other instances of that account profile as intended.

Stay tuned for future updates!
Thank you for reading 🙂

Committed to increased transparency and more responsive community outreach, Setmore will post monthly development updates to showcase some of our work and improvements made over the past 30 days.

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  • We really need multi-day events functionality. Need the ability to book appointments that cross over to the next day. ?

  • Hi, first off, amazing product! if I may suggest a few feature ideas:

    1) allow services not to be constrained to time booked. User case: Client books appointment (blocks timeslot) and then has the option to buy additional services e.g. upselling physical products/services. I am certain this simple change would be incredibly valuable to businesses which could use setmore not only for booking appointments but to keep the accounting in the same system (all services sold to a client in one view).

    2) allow dynamic price of service based on time of the day. User case: Client reserves a timeslot and the price is already adjusted based on the time (s)he selected. Rather than creating duplicate services with diff. price.

    3) allow to change order of booking flow between service and provider. User case: for some businesses like sports facilities it is more user friendly to allow clients to choose the provider(courts) first and then the service (renting time, balls, renting/buying rackets, drinks, etc.)

    4) related to 3). In booking page, show a calendar with available timeslots per provider (like the calendar in admin area) below the list of services and prices. This way the clients see right away the free spots. In this scenario, the multiple services (renting time, balls, racquets, etc.) are not important, but rather that there is something open (provider).

    5) Giftcards. It would be nice to have the option to design a branded digital giftcard for clients to buy for friends. This could be a service indeed, but it would bring more touch if it has its own menu section in the booking page. A nice marketing opportunity for businesses.

    Here my two-cents, would be nice to know if you are considering some of these features.


    • Last one, 6) related to setmore cash register. Allow adding services to clients without closing/finishing the payment. User case: a client buys a service (drink/food, some equipment, etc.) and continue playing sports. As admin, I want to add these items to client’s account/bill in the setmore cash register, but only process the payment at the very end when client leaves club.

  • It’s 2019 and y’all still haven’t thought about adding holding card on file. I’m guessing that will be the new update is year 3019

    • Hey there, thanks for commenting! This is a great idea, and we’ve certainly thought about it. Unfortunately there are some technical hurdles that get in the way, and there’s some things that are higher on our priority list before we can implement card-on-file aka card vaulting. So right now, Setmore choosing not to support card-on-file does offer the benefit of simplicity and guaranteed security for your clients, as there’s no risk of a data breach since your client card numbers are never stored on Setmore servers (we currently just act as a go-between from the client to the payment processor, whether you use Square or Stripe). But yeah, card vaulting in 3019, look for it then 🙂