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Deployment notes: May 2024.

Last month saw the long-awaited return of Deployment notes and it’s back again to keep you in the loop with everything going on in your Setmore app. Your new Booking Page has been getting a massive roll-out recently (make sure to customize yours if you haven’t already), but here are some new details you may have missed in your calendar. 

Make every minute count with gridlines

As we’ve often heard, precision is key—and your calendar just got sharper. New gridlines can now display at 15- and 30-minute intervals. Whether you’ve got a meeting at 12:15, lunch at 12:30 and an appointment at 13:15, it’s clearly marked so you’re schedule is perfectly organized.

All you have to do is go to your ‘Calendar preferences’ and toggle the ‘Show gridlines’ switch on. It’s easier than ever before to check and schedule your appointments down to the minute.

Because we’re Zap-py

You may already know, but Zaps are a great way for you to connect all your favorite apps that don’t already integrate with Setmore (if not, where have you been?). Zapier now uses booking IDs for appointments; this provides a single reference point across all connected apps.

Experience streamlined workflows and enhanced coordination—Zapier can easily manage and track appointments across multiple apps using one booking ID. Connect unlimited apps like Jotform, Slack or Google Sheets, and watch as appointments land in your calendar and trigger actions in your connected apps.

A new tree loader? Just ‘log’ in. 

We’re all about growth: in business, branding and personally–and, of course, the trees! Embracing our ‘Grow your brand’ philosophy, we’ve sprouted a new tree loader when you log into your account. 

Plus, there’s a new hover stated on buttons—it’s a tad more visual, a dash more interactive, but all to make your scheduling software feel more intuitive. 

It’s your history

Your Activity lets track actions, such as your most recent bookings, rescheduled appointments, updates, payments and even connected apps. The latest update lists your history chronologically, with the most recent activity appearing first. Keep on top of all your latest happenings and get a complete overview anytime. 

It’s a success for SMS

SMS reminders can no longer include URLs in the message. This complies with Twilio’s policiy, our SMS provider, to prevent undelivered messages due to unbranded URLs. If you add a URL, it will be automatically removed to ensure your reminder is delivered. 

Keep your clients up-to-date and reduce no-shows by enabling SMS reminders. Customers are informed and happy with communication delivered without a hitch.

Hit us up

As always, we’re striving for your scheduling perfection. Share your insights with us on how we could improve, delight and help elevate your brand to new heights. 

Chat, email or call us—we’ll be there with round-the-clock support and to listen to your feedback.

Happy scheduling!

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