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Deployment notes April 2024

Deployment notes: April 2024.

Can we get a drumroll, please? Reintroducing our deployment notes to keep you up-to-date on all things Setmore. The returning installment lets you know exactly what’s going on in your app.

Read on for new features and enhancements, while we’ve also been working hard to squash some bugs (don’t worry—not a single insect was harmed).

Black is the new blue

Your booking widget button, along with buttons in the Calendar and Appointments view, have turned sleek black. It’s not just about looking cool (though it does), it’s about making your brand stand out. Let’s give it the attention it deserves.


Your clearer-than-day calendar

Switching between your calendar and your team’s calendar can take time from your day. Account admins can now manage team appointments without flipping back and forth. The best part—all your edits save directly to your current view, allowing you to keep focus on the changes at hand.

Plus, you can now view more than three team members’ schedules simultaneously on your daily calendar, allowing you to check your team’s schedule all at once.  

Team view

The doctor will see you now

Reserve with Google is now open to medical practices. Patients can easily book appointments using a ‘Book now’ button on your Google Business Profile, skipping the need for calling or emailing. 

With 67% of medical patients preferring to book online. Ensure they can easily schedule appointments when they search for your practice, offering accessibility and convenience.


Google it

Virtual appointments aren’t just for online businesses—they’re a game-changer for any service-based business. That’s why Google Meet is now free for all Setmore users. Every account can add a secure and scalable meeting link to any services or classes. 

Updates to refunds

Refunds are inevitable, but maintaining customer satisfaction is key. Our dedicated support team is now equipped to help you with all ‘Pending’ refunds on Square, PayPal, and LawPay, ensuring that your customers aren’t kept waiting.

There’s a zap for that 

Zapier automates workflows between your Setmore account and different web apps—helping your business runs like clockwork no matter what software you use.

The latest update now includes Provider number, Staff ID and Account ID in the data sent, enhancing context for your workflows and enabling more powerful automation.

Better booking experience

A seamless and simplified booking process for you and your customers ensures that every appointment gets off to the best start. After all, you only get one shot at a first impression.

Your app is constantly being improved. Now, every time you create, update or delete an event, it’s logged in the Activity section. Plus, a new Integrations sub-navigation menu has been added to your Booking Page section in Settings, so you can readily integrate your favorite apps. 


Admins and receptionists can now view customer, team and business details across all account types (scheduling, answering service, HIPAA). This makes getting essential info easier. 

Room to improve

With the return of Deployment notes, we’d love to hear how we can improve from you. Your insights continue to shape the app and ensure your brand gets the most from its scheduling. 

Chat, email us at help@setmore.com or call +1 (800) 749-4920 and we’ll be there with 24/7 human support to hear your thoughts.

Happy scheduling!

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