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share booking link online

5 little-known ways to share your booking link.

Meet your audience where it’s at and get more customers through the door. We’ve rounded up the best ways to share your booking link that don’t involve an integration.

Ever-evolving tech combined with consumer demand for more personalized digital communications present a huge opportunity. Keep tabs on the platforms your customers use most and ensure your presence is well-known.

We’re keeping this post short and sweet – here’s a 2-minute read that could lead to countless bookings.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp (or WhatsApp Business) is a key route for leads and customers to reach out before booking. The number 1 chat app is crucial to customer experience for businesses in barbering to real estate, enabling instant communication over text or video. In your app settings, update your profile status and ‘About’ section to include a booking link. Your audience can click to schedule an appointment at any time.

You can also copy your Booking Page link, or individual team or service booking links, and paste them directly into messages and photos.

Booking link in WhatsApp message

Vonage’s annual Global Customer Engagement Report reveals that almost 1 in 3 of us prefer messaging apps to interact with businesses. Make it easy for people to converse with you in their own time and have a booking link displayed front and center whenever they need it.

2. TikTok

Showcasing your brand on TikTok has become a necessity for service providers like business consultants, beauticians and sales professionals. Snappy video posts help to highlight your expertise and the client experience you offer. Be sure to include a booking link in your creator bio – it appears just below your business description.

Profile settings in TikTok

All you need to do is open your TikTok for Business account and select ‘Edit profile’. You’ll see a form field titled ‘Website’. Add your booking link and click ‘Save’. When people are done scrolling, they click to view your appointment availability.

90% of TikTok’s 1.2 billion-plus users access the app multiple times daily (Statista). If you provide virtual services, sharing a booking link across TikTok could open your business to a global audience.

3. BeReal

This social media app is driven by authenticity, urging users to upload spontaneous snaps at specific time intervals. BeReal is somewhat new to the market and has yet to introduce any advertising initiatives. However, there are businesses that have gotten creative with their posts to share incentives, rewards and more. Though a user can’t attach links to posts, some have included links in photos.

BeReal post with link in image

BeReal’s terms say advertising is a no-go, but that doesn’t mean it excludes brands from joining. If you’re testing this platform out, create a content plan that meets expectations. Keep it human, feature real people and use it to cultivate a community.

When displaying a booking link in your photo, remember that your audience will need to manually type it in to get from A to B. Make the journey worth it by fully-personalizing your Booking Page for when they arrive.

Around 82% of Gen-Z are more likely to trust brands that use real people in their marketing. Establish your brand mission on this less consumer-driven (and growing) social media app to layer your marketing efforts. You might not even need to share your booking link; customers will find your business if it connects to their values.

4. YouTube

Maintaining a YouTube channel takes time and effort – from researching what your audience is looking for to optimizing your content and making it stand out. When you’re putting in so much to capture leads, it helps to provide an instant route to booking.

You can do this is in multiple ways – on a channel level and video level. For your channel, consider including a booking link in the banner and ‘About’ section. For videos, ensure relevant booking links are displayed in descriptions, info cards and end screens. We’ve got instructions for all of that right here.

Link displayed in YouTube video description

YouTube reports that Shorts have received over 15 billion views. You don’t need to create long-form, polished videos; an engaging, 60-seconds-or-less clip can work wonders.

5. Forums, e.g. Reddit and Quora

Forums are an ideal space to share knowledge and build your brand profile. Search for discussions relevant to your industry and provide meaningful, valuable insights. When people ask questions on these platforms, it’s not always an opportunity to sell. Rather, engaging in forums helps establish you as a thought leader.

Link to your content and let people absorb and comment. This boosts your authority over time and can encourage people – whether they’re involved in Quora discussions or simply searching online for solutions – to book independently.

Occasionally, you might find straightforward questions about services in your area, which are more conversion-driven. For those, consider enhancing your responses with the most relevant booking link; this eliminates the need for readers to find your business details and contact you. You can even share your Booking Page in different languages.

Link in Quora forum answer

To go one step further, add a link to your profile or attach a LinkTree. The latter directs readers to your Booking Page, social media, website, guest posts and other content.

61% of Quora’s traffic originates from search engines (Alexa). Q&As are indexed by Google, so discussions you participate in appear for keywords. Even if you post once, that answer could be seen by countless visitors. Ensure it’s straightforward for them to learn more about your business and convert.

Share and share alike link

It’s incredibly simple to drop your booking link in digital spaces, from Twitch and Pinterest to LinkedIn and your Google Business Profile. Capitalize on the editable elements of your content to ensure more online leads turn into loyal customers.

We update the resources section of our website with new ideas throughout the year. Be sure to check it out and share what methods you use to get your Booking Page seen.

Happy scheduling!

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