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Share your Booking Page in different languages.

Your business might have one location, several branches or be completely mobile. No matter where your work takes you, ensure your audience’s online booking experience is simple and accessible.

Sharing your Booking Page in multiple languages helps cater to customers from around the world. Not only does this expand the reach of your services, but you can reduce common friction that prevents leads from converting.

Personalized, accessible multilingual booking.

The default language for your Booking Page can be set by heading to Settings > Booking Page > Customization > Preferred language in your web app. When your Booking Page URL is shared, this is the language that appears automatically.

Default language settings menu

However, with a short edit to the end of the URL, your multilingual Booking Page can display in over 30 different languages. These include Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese. See all of your options.

3 steps to create countless connections.

Here’s how to share your multilingual online booking system. For starters, open your Setmore web app.

1. Head to Settings > Booking Page > Company details to find your Booking Page URL. Copy and paste it into a doc.

2. Add the bold text below to the end of your Booking Page URL. This example would showcase a Booking Page in Italian.


3. Copy the full URL and paste it into a DM, email, social post and more. When a viewer clicks the URL, your Booking Page appears in the language specified.

Booking link with edit

This process enables you to keep your Booking Page’s default language as is, but share it in other languages whenever needed. These steps can also be applied to individual staff and service booking URLs.

Please note that the visitor’s time zone will display but currency will remain the same. Learn more about creating a free multilingual booking system and taking appointments online.

A tailored ‘Book now’ button.

If your website is translated into different languages, this process can create consistency during navigation. For example, a ‘Book now’ button on a Spanish language site page can link to your Booking Page in Spanish.

Not only that – we’ve just released multiple language options for your ‘Book now’ button text. Each style has its own code to copy and paste into your site.

Booking button in different languages

By highlighting that your business is able to communicate in a lead’s main language, you become far more competitive. Not only that, but correct translation can help cut down the amount of FAQs directed to your support team.

Adios, au revoir, sayōnara, see ya.

Extra personalization and simplicity enable your business to connect with a wider audience. Your Booking Page’s default language can suit the largest segment of your customer base, while you have the option to change its display with a simple URL edit.

Video meeting in progress

There’s no manual translation involved on your part, but the automatic translation might not be perfect. We recommend reading over your Booking Page text to ensure it says exactly what’s needed.

Team Setmore is working towards the Booking Page supporting a ton more languages, so watch this space. Need an account? Sign up for your free multi-language Booking Page here. Happy scheduling!

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