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How to create a booking link and brand your Booking Page.

A BrightLocal study revealed that 98% of people search online for local businesses, making your Booking Page a crucial point of discovery. By ensuring it’s up-to-date, SEO-friendly and showcases your brand’s personality, you can stand out from competitors and convert more leads.

Here are 7 easy tips to build a custom booking system, which helps to capitalize on regular search traffic.

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A branded booking system connects your audience’s online and offline experiences. Personalize your Booking Page’s appearance to align with your premises, signage, social media and more. It turns into a digital extension of your front desk.

1. Customize your booking link

In your web app, go to Settings > Booking Page and you’ll see your Booking Page URL at the top of the screen. You can edit this URL to include your company’s name, or your main service and location. Make it relevant and easy for customers to remember.

To bring in local customers from Google, consider enhancing your URL with relevant keywords.

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2. Add a logo and banner image

Highlight your business’ visual identity at the top of your Booking Page. Your logo looks best when uploaded as a square image. For your banner, think about featuring your premises, a service in action or award wins. You can also include links to your website and social media pages.

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3. Stream your Instagram posts

Feed new Instagram posts to your Booking Page’s Photos tab. After connecting your accounts, simply specify a hashtag in Setmore. When an Instagram post includes this hashtag, your scheduling app automatically pulls it into the Photos tab. Your Booking Page content stays current and promotes your story to leads and customers.

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4. Create team profiles

Each team member’s profile tells the world about their expertise. Use the description field to outline their skills and qualifications, making it simple for customers to book with the right specialist. You can even upload profile photos to show the people behind your brand.

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5. Showcase your services

Add service descriptions and photos to your branded Booking Page. A hair salon, for example, can explain what a balayage entails, alongside a photo example. This helps a potential client to differentiate between similar services, like balayage and ombre hair.

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6. Highlight your reviews

Automate review requests after each appointment and house feedback in your Booking Page’s Reviews tab. When new leads arrive, they can flip through positive feedback from the people who champion your brand.

With 93% of consumers reading reviews before purchasing (Dixa), it pays to make feedback quick to find.

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7. Share important links

Social media is essential to establishing your brand. Ensure people can browse your content when comparing similar services online. Your Booking Page’s business details section has fields for your most-valuable links, helping to give every visitor a well-rounded impression of what you’re about.

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Build and share your custom booking system

Keep checking back for ways to tailor your Booking Page, including displaying custom pop-ups and intake forms. If you’re on a Pro or Team plan, you can also remove Setmore’s branding altogether.

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