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brand discovery

Brand discovery: Only 16% of customers find your business through marketplaces.

Visibility helps boost brand awareness and puts you on the radar of countless people—creating more opportunities to make customers happy. Brands that actively engage their audience tend to forge lasting connections and expand their reach.

New research*, shows that supporting your brand is the key to attracting new customers. See the full report.

What is brand discovery?

Brand discovery is one of the first steps in the customer journey, introducing people to your business, services, unique attributes, values and identity. It’s the crucial moment where individuals form their first impression of what you’re all about. 

The marketplace conundrum

Only 16%* of consumers discover new brands through marketplaces, suggesting that folks are searching for more personalized experiences.

You’ve stumbled upon them, heard of them, maybe even tried them out – we might have mentioned them ourselves once or twice. While marketplaces make comparing services or products convenient, do they truly benefit businesses or end-users?

60% of customers base their purchase decisions solely on a brand’s service quality. Guarantee your gold standard customer experience every time by dealing with them directly.

Let’s shout about word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth (WOM) remains one of the most powerful ways for brands to gain recognition and trust. Around 53%* of consumers primarily discover new brands through WOM suggestions.

90% of people trust brand recommendations, even from strangers. This underlines the importance of exceptional service and a memorable brand that triggers positive conversations and referrals. 

Create unforgettable customer experiences and encourage them to spread the word, whether it’s through word of mouth or digital reviews.

Get seen in search results

53%* of consumers primarily discover brands through online search engines, the highest percentage in our study. The bottom line: search engine positioning matters. 

Investing in SEO makes it easier to attract valuable viewers. Once on your website, adding a ‘Book now’ button is a simple way to direct people straight to your Booking Page and convert all those leads. Plus, PPC ads can drive targeted traffic to your niche services.

A personalized Booking Page ensures your brand remains prominently featured at every customer touchpoint. Unlike marketplaces, it’s your brand that should be making a lasting impression on visitors.

Shine on social media 

Social media has completely transformed how brands connect with their audience. With 43%* of consumers finding new brands there, it’s a prime platform for engaging the target audience, sharing captivating content and raising brand awareness.

Tap into social media’s discovery brand potential with a dynamic strategy. This means consistent posting and actively engaging with followers. Consumers often respond positively to brands that share their values and create relatable, useful or helpful content. 

Discovered, loved, booked

When beloved, your brand becomes the top choice wherever customers find it. Need online scheduling software to convert leads? Book a Demo with our experts or Start FREE now.

Happy scheduling!

*We surveyed 6,000 online marketplace users in the US, UK, and Canada for our recent study conducted with OnePoll

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