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By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

Scheduling appointments is Setmore’s bread and butter. But a smart online booking calendar needs more than just a way to book with customers. It needs a way to engage customers, and keep them informed about the appointments they book!

Setmore includes a whole suite of email and reminder messages to help you automate customer outreach. Setmore’s built-in email and reminder system will do all of the following tasks for you, so you can stay focused on delivering awesome services:

  • Confirm new appointments with customers
  • Give customers the ability to reschedule or cancel online
  • Remind customers before their appointments via email
  • Send text reminders to customers before their appointments (with Setmore Premium)
  • Alert and remind your staff about new, rescheduled, or cancelled appointments.

In this series of blog posts, we’ll provide an in-depth look at the how-to, benefits and limitations of Setmore’s automated messaging system. Today we’ll start with email confirmations and reminders. You can expect to read about text reminders and staff notifications in future posts.

Confirmation emails

Whenever you or a customer book a new appointment, Setmore will automatically send an “Appointment Confirmed” email to inform the customer when their appointment will be. This digital receipt serves as a record for the appointment, and offers some added utility with an .ics attachment and “reschedule/cancel” options (continue reading for a breakdown). Here’s a sample of what the email confirmation looks like:

An Appointment Confirmation email template.

An .ics attachment (activated by default) is a standardized calendar file format that includes appointment information. Once the email lands in a customer’s inbox, the attachment will prompt the customer to add that appointment to their own calendar, whether they are using Google, Office, or iCloud. If you’re using Google, the attachment is visually represented by a header bar with a blue calendar icon:

An example .ics attachment.

The Reschedule/Cancel buttons (not activated by default) appear in the bottom right corner of the email template. They allow the customer to reschedule or cancel an appointment online, without having to call you. Customers can reschedule or cancel up to the “Cancellation Window” as specified in your Booking Policies.

Confirmation emails are activated by default in your Setmore account. Follow these instructions if you want to change these settings:

A menu selection path showing "Settings, Notifications, Customer."

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer.
  2. Under “Appointment,” check the box next to “Booked” to toggle confirmation emails on or off.
  3. Check the box next to each add-on feature, such as .ics attachments, to toggle them on or off.

The Customer Notifications menu.

Note: Email settings are not available from the Setmore mobile app. To change your email settings, log into your account at

Email reminders

Setmore will automatically send email reminders to your customers at a preset time before their next appointment. The reminder template informs customers about what time their appointment is. Its primary purpose is to help reduce no-shows and make sure your customers arrive for their service on time. Here’s a sample of what the email reminder looks like:

An Appointment Reminder email template.

Email reminders have an average open rate of 40%.* They are enabled by default with a lead time of one day in a new Setmore account. Here’s how you can change this setting or change the reminder lead time:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer.
  2. Under “Appointment Reminders,” check the box to toggle reminder emails on or off.
  3. Under “Reminder Lead Time,” use the drop-down menu to set the lead time in days, hours, and minutes.

The Appointment Reminders and Reminder Lead Time menu.

Pro tip: We recommend a reminder lead time of either 1 day, or 1-3 hours. Experiment to see which works best for your customers.

Verifying reminder status

Every so often you might have a customer who doesn’t receive an email reminder. You can check the status of an email reminder by opening the Appointment Details window for any given appointment, from your admin calendar.

The Appointment Details window.

Click on an appointment and then, in the Appointment Details window, scan to find the row titled “Reminder.” Setmore will indicate if the reminder was sent, is still pending, or failed for some reason. You can also manually trigger a reminder by clicking on the Reminder status and selecting “Send Reminder.”

Reschedule and cancellation emails

Reschedule and cancellation emails work the same way as a confirmation email. If you or a customer reschedules or cancels an appointment, Setmore will automatically send one of these emails to notify the customer of the action. Here’s a sample of what the email notification looks like for a reschedule:

An Appointment Rescheduled email template.
You can activate or deactivate sending a cancellation or reschedule email notification under Settings > Notifications > Customer. Under “Appointment,” simply check or uncheck the box next to “Edited” or “Cancelled.”

Email customization options

The body of the Setmore email template cannot be changed. However, you can customize the sender name that’s applied to the email, and you can add a custom signature to the email template. (The email “signature” refers to the space below the body content of the email template.)

A thank you email with a paragraph of text in the email signature.

To adjust these customization options:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customization.
  2. Enter a custom sender name in the “Sender Name” field, then click anywhere outside the field to save your changes.
  3. Enter a custom signature in the “Email Signature” field, then click anywhere outside the field to save your changes.

The Email Customization menu.

There’s no character limit to the email signature field. So you can use this space to include important information for your customers. You can also include text-based web URLs in this space, however not all web browsers will automatically hyperlink a plain-text URL. Here’s some examples of information you can include:

  • Directions to your place of business
  • Instructions to pre-book the next appointment
  • Encouragement to review your services on Google or Facebook
  • Limited-time promotional offers (just remember to change your signature when the offer ends)
Pro Tip: Want to give customers an easy way to respond to your automated email alerts? The email signature would be a great place to post your Live Booking phone number.

Email limitations

Setmore plans to expand the functionality of email alerts in the future. For the time being, there are some limitations you should be aware of.

Emails and texts are “do-not-reply” – If you want customers to be able to respond to an email alert or reminder, be sure to include instructions for how they can reach you in the custom email signature.

Customers can’t reschedule or cancel class sessions – The “Reschedule” and “Cancel” buttons won’t appear in an email confirmation or reminder for a class session, even if you have the option enabled.

Email settings aren’t accessible via mobile – As previously mentioned, you can adjust your email alert settings by logging into Setmore at

Setmore doesn’t support mass marketing – This might change in the future, but we don’t currently support the ability to send a mass email to your customer list. If you do email marketing, you might be interested in our MailChimp or Constant Contact integrations.

Up next: Text Reminders

Now you’re a pro when it comes to using Setmore’s automated email system. Stay tuned for the next chapter on Text Reminders, which are twice as effective as email reminders.

Have questions about customer notifications and reminders? Post a comment below and we’ll help you out.

Thanks for reading 🙂

*Based on internal Setmore marketing statistics, 2018.

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  • I would love to have the ability to have an automated email sent the day after (or what have you) the booking, just as the reminders can be sent. This would be useful to be able to say “thank you!” and share a link to a satisfaction survey.

  • Ive tried to create a customized signature in Settings, Notifications, Customization. As there is no Save button I assumed the changes would automatically be applied. but on leaving the page and returning the custom signature had gone and the default one was back in place. Tried it twice and recreated the fault again. Sara

    • Hi Sara, when editing the signature form field, you have to click outside of the form field to save your changes. If you close the browser tab while the signature form field is still active, changes won’t be saved.

      If you are clicking outside the form field and see a “changes saved” message in your browser, and your edits still aren’t being saved, this could be a system bug and we should look at some other factors. What browser and operating system are you using? That’s the first place to start looking.

  • Hello, is there a function to add a standard word document to the automatic email so once you schedule an appointment customers can get directions and a hire agreement as I use this for hiring a swimming pool and customers need further information which currently I have to send in a separate email
    Thank you

    • Hi Heidi, if you find somewhere to host the word document (Google Docs should work just fine), you can add a link to the doc in your email signature. It will be up to your customers however to copy/paste the link and open it in a new browser tab. If customers are booking via the Booking Page, you may also be interested in the Terms and Conditions feature.

  • In the past we had this enabled but almost immediately disabled it, Most if not all of our appointments are multiple services chained together (which setmore treats as separate appointments for the same client, when doing this clients would receive multiple emails about their appointments and potentially multiple updates if anything was changed, this was completely unacceptable, can I ask if this has been fixed?

    • Hi Wayne, unfortunately no, the automated email system isn’t optimized to work with bundling multiple services. In your case it won’t work very well, I’m sorry about that.

      • Thanks Cassandra,

        There are plenty of ‘nice to have’ features I would like to see, like the iPad app or landscape mode for example but the way Setmore treats multiple services for a single appointment is actually the biggest issue I have with the application, would love to see this on the next roadmap.

        The only other way to do this is to create bundle service which could become quite messy.

    • I noticed the same issue. I was able to alter the notification settings to only send an email when the booking was made and not if I edited it. Not sure about the multi services chained together piece.

      • If a customer books a bundle of services, and you edit just one service, Setmore should only send out one “Rescheduled” email notification. It has to do with the way Setmore treats bundled services – as a batch of individual appointments, rather than one big appointment. In the future we may prioritize rebuilding this feature to more closely reflect the reality of the situation (one customer coming in for one appointment with multiple services), but I can tell you it won’t happen soon since we’re engaged with other projects.

  • I’d love to see a feature added that will automatically email a client after a specified amount of time since their last appointment (e.g. after any customer has not scheduled an appointment for 3 months an email is automatically sent them saying something like “we miss you here’s a discount”

  • It would be nice to eventually see a “message all” button to send notices about holidays, specials, events etc

  • Hello,
    Referring to what is mentioned above, “Alert and remind your staff about new, rescheduled, or cancelled appointments”. How will the staff receive the alerts? Os it emailed to a certain email? How do you customise it?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Maroulla, good question. The focus of this post was on customer-facing emails, we’ll cover staff emails in a later post. But to answer your question, most of the settings for Staff email confirmations and reminders can be found under Settings > Notifications > Staff. To help improve the experience for staff members who are using activity alerts, we also recommend downloading and using the Setmore mobile app, which will give you push notifications for new and rescheduled appointments, and reminders as well. We’ll cover all this more in-depth in the next few postings.

  • Thanks,good info.
    The only thing i have not liked about Setmore is the limit on my communication for giving information to clients with their booking. I hope that continues to enlarge.