The Top 5 Features You Didn’t Know Setmore Offers

By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

Setmore was founded by thinkers and doers who created a lot of ingenious stuff, but some of those innovations were left to collect dust on an oft overlooked back shelf. I’ve had the wondrous opportunity to dig up these lost treasures and present them to you, here and now. These are the top 5 most overlooked and underused Setmore features.


#5 – Setmore Mobile App and/or Web App

It might seem obvious, but most people who discover Setmore online don’t know about our mobile apps, and vice versa. The moment you sign up for Setmore, your account becomes available across all these platforms. It’s connected on the back-end, so appointments made on one device show up on all others. Even if you don’t think you need the browser or mobile app, it’s still worth 5 minutes of experimentation to see if it offers any value to you.


Activating in-app notifications can be useful if you have the Setmore mobile app.


For instance, web app users can download the mobile app simply to enable push notifications – and now you’ll get a ding on your lock screen whenever appointments are booked. Pretty useful if you don’t want to stay plugged into your browser all the time.


#4 – Customizable SMS Reminders *Premium Feature*

To clarify, I’m not just trying to sell you on SMS reminders, for which you need Setmore Premium to deploy (although I should, because if auto-reminders spare you just one no-show in the month then it’ll already have paid for itself). Instead, this paragraph is about how to customize those text reminders.


With Setmore Premium, you can customize the text of the auto-SMS reminders.


In the Settings > Notifications > Customization menu, you can manually write your own texting template, complete with variable fields that will sub in the customer’s name, appointment time, service, provider, etc. This allows you to add a personal touch to your reminders, and a little humor goes a long way towards building trust, loyalty, and repeat appointments!


#3 – Callback URL

What’s a callback URL? When your customers reach the end of the booking page experience, they’re typically greeted with a button labeled “Book Another Appointment.” If you have the callback URL feature activated, they’ll also see a hyperlink that takes them wherever you want.


The Setmore Callback URL can be used to redirect customers to your social feed after they book an appointment.


Normally the end of the booking process means the end of the customer interaction, but now you can take it one step further. You could ask them to write a review, or (this is what I’d recommend) you could ask them to post to social media about their experience.


#2 – Staff Booking Pages

Ok, so I’ve already expounded on the marvels of the Setmore booking page. It’s the bee’s knees. But did you know that each of your staff members has their own booking page URL, too? These booking pages are specific to the service provider in question, so they’ll only show services and available time slots for that employee.


In Setmore, your staff members have their own booking page URL, which can help you promote their services.


This presents an enormous opportunity for staff to promote their own services and availability on their own websites, business cards, and social media accounts. This is especially useful to advertise last-minute openings on Twitter, with a direct link to booking for the chosen staff member.


And now, the most overlooked feature Setmore offers…


Drumroll please.


This animated gif shows a man playing drums while his feline companion bats her paws against a box flap.


Are you ready?


#1 – Google Analytics

This is the big one. The Google Analytics plugin offers the most bang for your buck and it doesn’t even cost you any bucks. Once enabled, Google Analytics will tell you how many users land on your booking page and where they came from, whether it’s your website, your social media pages, or a marketing campaign. When you know where most of your web traffic comes from, you’ll know where to focus your efforts.


Setmore allows you to enable Google Analytics tracking on your booking page, helping you understand where your internet traffic is coming from.


Is social media working out for you? Make more posts for your followers to share. Website doing well? Revamp the design and make it better. Marketing campaign paying dividends? Expand the scope of the media placement. Even if you don’t act on the information, knowing where most of your web traffic is coming from will give you a better understanding of how your online presence affects your business.


A Veritable Panacea

Setmore is a host of bootstrapping tools wrapped up in a humble scheduling solution, and you owe it to yourself to explore some of these features and see what works for you. The only possible downside are finger sprains from vigorous keyboard use, but the upswing is a more successful and Setmore-savvy you.


Thank you!


– The Setmore Team

Have you tried one or more of these five overlooked features? How did it work out for you? Bonus points if you already use all five!

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  • Hi, is they anyway I can put the tax to the services guest booked? like sales & services tax?

  • Would be really helpful if service description showed in mobile website. Currently it doesn’t show.

  • Would be great if there was a way to mark appointments as deposited, paid, no show, etc (with method of payment i.e. cash, paypal, etc – even combined i.e. $x PP deposit + $xx cash). This would provide a ratio between what is booked and what actually gets paid. Additionally, this would build quality client profiles based upon client follow through, etc…

  • Do you have an affiliate program that I can sign-up for?
    I love your product and am going to recommend it on my website.


  • Good post, keep

  • Hello, I’ve been using setmore for about 6 months now. One thing that would be valuable to a ton of people would be the ability to have setmore add the appointment info populated into a contract that the customer can esign after they book an appointment. Currently, when a customer calls in and wants to book an appointment, I have to enter their info into my setmore calender then go fill out the contract with the same info and send it to them for esignature. Would this be something I could achieve using API?

    • Hi Donald, you may find the “terms and conditions” feature useful. This requires customers agree to a T&Cs as they book their appointment. For more info.
      The API will let you fetch appointment times and book customers in available slots, so with that core functionality you can build out your own esignature component and wrap it around Setmore’s piece. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you send a request to access the API here.

  • Can you add a sub service? I have that feature with

    I like the Instagram and review feature that setmore has plus it’s easy to navigate.

    Thanks for your time.

    PS. That would be a great feature to add.


  • Hi Just another query regarding multiple locations. Is there any update on when this will be implemented?

  • Hi
    having gone through the system and talked to setmore team prior about receptionist etc log ins that show back end website log ins and aren’t really suiting me needs..

    I am wondering if instead, there is a way to make a front end log in (as per customer log in type) where I ca set differnet access levels for my clients when they log in

    So that I ca set one client to have access to make a booking for themselves or others and that log in to have higher access so they can make a booking without having to make a payment, when the rest of the client basic access level must pay online in advance to secure the booking.

    This would sort out a lot of different problems that I and other setmore clients have from different angles and all at the same time from the one angle, as the back end log in types of Administrator receptionist / staff isn’t suiting my needs.
    I need my receptionist to be able to see all tabs and pages but only to be able to make appointments not change financial details or where money is going e.g not to be able to change stripe integration.
    If all they can see is the calendar, given my multiple locations and your current set up surrounding that, it ust doesn’t work for me.


    • Hi Jacquelene, as far as I’m aware, the booking page settings apply to all clients and there’s no way to tailor the behavior of the booking page based on who’s accessing it. That being said, in your case I’d recommend making two Setmore accounts and corresponding booking pages, and sharing the payment-optional booking page with your select clients. As for the receptionist access issue, unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to block certain features such as taking payments.

  • Would like to text all our customers for marketing purposes. Will this feature be available? Not just if they have an appointment that day but to let them know we have a special, all customers, at once. Thanks Cassandra any info would be great.

    Ron E.

  • Hi Cassandra,

    I’ve created several staff members and I want them to be able to specify when they are available for a private class in the same way the admin can do this from CLASSES. Is this possible? At the moment, staff members only seem to be able to create appointments and a customer is required.

    I want any customer to be able to pick an available teacher.



    • Hi Charlie, yes you can do this! When you go to set up a class session in Settings > Classes, you will first set up the class details (duration, cost, etc.) and then you’ll add sessions. The sessions fall on a specific date and are given by a specific provider (so, classes will always be attached to a provider). A class without sessions won’t appear on the calendar. Check out the support article

      Note that staff members don’t create classes from the calendar page, but they’ll do so from the Settings > Classes tab by adding sessions. Staff members will need Admin-level access to get to the Settings > Classes page in Setmore. Otherwise your default administrator needs to set them up and assign providers to sessions accordingly.

      For non-private classes, customers can add themselves to available class sessions via your Setmore booking page. Just have them click the “Book Class” button on the left-hand nav menu. (Classes are kept separate from services on the booking page.) Hope that helps!

  • How can we force customers to book in sequence instead of picking multiple times on a specific date?

  • Hi, I am thinking about using your tools. I really like what you offer BUT the business I am opening will only use Google’s calendar, email, drive, etc. Do you currently offer or are you planning to offer sync to Google calendar, as I will only be able to use your services if you offer sync to Google calendar.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Cy, yes we support Google Sync. You can set up One-Way sync (all appointments in Setmore show up in Google calendar) with a basic Setmore account, and you can set up Two-Way sync (all appointments made in Setmore show up in Google and vice versa) with Setmore Premium. Here’s the setup guides for each:
      One-Way Sync
      Two-Way Sync
      I hope that helps!

  • Hi, I would like to see “announcements” as a feature. Added on the calendar page would be where the customer can see annoucements like holiday hours, when a shop may be closed for various reasons.

  • Hi, would really really really like to see 10 minute appointment time slots. 5 minute works, but reduces the page so much I can only see about 3 hours at a time. This prevents dragging and dropping appointment changes from morning to afternoon for example. Thanks

  • It would be great if a client would be able to see on which days there are still available time slots. Now the proposed working days in the calendar all have the same colour. Because of this a customer must click on a lot of days to get to a day with available slots.

  • I would love for the “time buffers” to show as a buffer instead of an extended appointment. We end up putting 30 minute “slot blockers” in between most of our appointments to allow for travel time. If we put a 30 minute buffer on, our hour appointments mistakenly appear like 90 minute appointments instead. Would absolutely love for this to be updated.

  • A drop down menu for our custom label fields would be nice for quick selection purposes.

  • Dear Cassandra,

    Thank you so much for your efforts! I know it was a lot but I thought I write anyway just as inspiration too because I know you’re striving to be the greatest appointment service provider 🙂

    I’ll definitely use the coupon for discounts and thank you very much for letting me know> I wonder how comes I didn’t know yet!

    If I really can say about a feature that I really want and you haven’t mentioned it here is one that I had asked one of your colleagues before. Categories that can be made private too so that they don’t appear on the customer’s view. Not sure whether or not this would be too difficult.

    Anyway thanks again for all your efforts!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Hello, I’m looking for promo code application at checkout, which simply our sales process. Could you please understand how can I achieve this?

      • Hi Ram, Setmore doesn’t currently offer promo code capabilities for checkout. However, I’d recommend checking out Belly App, Fivestars, and Perkville for their customer loyalty apps and offerings. I’m sure there’s more apps out there, too.

  • Big shout out for Setmore and all your scheduling features. I use your calendar to book wedding venue tours and I am SO HAPPY that I found you. All you offer has been the answer to all my scheduling needs. All the back and forth emails to confirm appointments is now so easy. You have given me so much more time in my work day.
    Love, Love Setmore!!

  • Hello Cassandra,

    Thank you so much for your email and the amazing work and growth the last years. I think I am one of your first clients 🙂 and totally enjoy your commitment to improving your service offers.

    I’m getting soon a new WP website to replace the one I have now and one of the questions I’ve been asked now is about the booking software to use. I’ve been working with you for years and definitely would like to continue. There are a few things that would make my life so much easier when booking appointments though and one of them is even a legal requirement now. I’ll list all of them here beginning with the ones I really need. Maybe you’re working on some of them already and can tell me whether or not you’ll be making the others available in the near future?

    Thanks again and have a great week!

    EU VAT tax (VAT tax requirement in EU)
    Group booking
    Deposits (which I want to use as non-refundable to prevent no-shows more effectively.)
    Fields for intake questions to collect information about clients’ reason to seek natural healing for instance
    Booking reminder after two or three months’ button
    Coupons for discounts otherwise we need to make partial refund which cost money when paid via Stripe
    Coupons for discounts during a specific time of the day or specific event when for instance the end of the month comes and we want to run a discounted event.
    Affiliates or credit system for appointments when referring people to us.
    Discounted appointments the more the client books per year – loyalty points or so
    Additional price if Sundays work or so
    Different locations
    Multiple booking
    News space (for news and some photos)
    Different Terms and conditions for different categories
    Promoting specific services as marketing in a limited time, with email and/or SMS messages (Wow that would be amazing!)
    Follow up email reminder for feedback of clients after appointment

    • Hello Heloisa, let me see if I can work through these:

      • EU VAT tax (VAT tax requirement in EU) – Not currently supported/planned
      • Group booking – We currently have class bookings
      • Deposits (which I want to use as non-refundable to prevent no-shows more effectively.) – We don’t currently have deposits, but you can require payment at the time of booking through Stripe.
      • Fields for intake questions to collect information about clients’ reason to seek natural healing for instance – Not currently supported, but we are planning to expand support for CRM tools
      • Booking reminder after two or three months’ button – Not currently supported, see comment above
      • Coupons for discounts otherwise we need to make partial refund which cost money when paid via Stripe – We currently support coupon codes on the booking page
      • Coupons for discounts during a specific time of the day or specific event when for instance the end of the month comes and we want to run a discounted event. – We don’t offer this feature specifically, but you might be able to improvise something with our current coupon code setup.
      • Affiliates or credit system for appointments when referring people to us. – Not currently supported, but you might consider offering a coupon for referrals.
      • Discounted appointments the more the client books per year – loyalty points or so – Not currently supported
      • Additional price if Sundays work or so – Not currently supported
      • Different locations – Not currently supported, but planned for future updates
      • Multiple bookingCurrently supported
      • News space (for news and some photos) – News is not supported, but we do offer the ability to stream Instagram photos
      • Different Terms and conditions for different categories – Not currently supported
      • Promoting specific services as marketing in a limited time, with email and/or SMS messages (Wow that would be amazing!) – I agree it would be amazing! We don’t currently support it but I’ll look into it.
      • Follow up email reminder for feedback of clients after appointment – Not currently supported, but we do plan to expand CRM capabilities in the future

      Whew, I feel like I just ran a marathon. Anywho, these are all great ideas and I’ll be sure to lob them at our dev team during the next meeting. If there’s a feature that you really really really want to use, send me an email at and I might be able to improvise a workaround for you. In many cases, improvisation will accomplish the desired effect, even if we don’t offer the specific feature. Thanks again!

  • I need account for clients, maybe with facebook login. (But the need to leave a phone number”)
    And an option that some services are closed after a time.

    Because we are open till 17pm, but i dont do colors after 15:30pm.

  • I would love to be able to schedule repeat appointments that over lap other appointments!!!! This would be a huge benefit for our medical office!!!

  • Hi,

    I’d love to see a feature with pop-up customer notes. We have cancellation fees and would love to be able to see a pop-up warning when trying to book an appointment.

  • I would love to see the ability to book the time slot and THEN see the option of who the agent is instead of having to choose someone and see if the slot is available. If my client just needs someone in x service at 2pm but doesn’t care which agent it is,, it doesn’t give that option. Time consuming for the client.

    Also – I see customization options for SMS messages, but is this for emails too?

    • Hi LJ, currently you may only customize the sender’s name and the email signature for email notifications.Here’s the how-to guide

      • Here are som flaws/missing features that makes the email notifications and a bunch of other stuff almost unusable on a multi-lingual site:
        1. The fact that email notifications can’t be customized, and that they are not sent out in the language the client might use, but only in the default front-end language.
        2. The fact that there is no language selector on the front page.

        I have made a very complicated workaround for #1: I’m not sending notifications to customers directly, but use the cc field of the staff notifications to add an email address that pipes to a PHP script. The script parses the email, gets the needed parts, and recreates the customized mail in the three languages I use for booking (sv/fi/en). Besides sending the customer an email in their preferred language, it also addresses the translations to swedish and finnish, which are far from professional-looking in the current email notifications.

        Like with all workarounds, this took a lot of time. I look forward to your API (I put in a request for the beta today) and hope that this will make things a lot easier.

        Oh, and finally: it would be very nice if you could include a custom code area, preferably right before the closing tag. Then we could use js to, for example, hide the services that are not in the language of the client. Many CMS plugs have these fields, it should be very easy to implement. It would give a lot of options for us programmers out here using your (in so many other ways) brilliant booking system, feeling frustrated over not being able to customize things set in stone.

  • I wished booking from the app was more in line of booking from the web page. Especially having the services divided in categories like the web page. And clicking the time slot as on the web page

  • Hello
    I would like my appointment to show in 13.30 whit out any am or pm .
    In sweden we dont US this .
    Therefore its a bit confusing to my clients.
    Will this be possible? ?

    • Hello, you can change the way appointment times are displayed on your booking page to a 24-hour format. In your account, go to Profile > Configure > Customization. Under Time Format, use the drop-down menu to select “24 hours”. Your customers will now see available time slots in 24-hour notation. I hope that helps!

  • Additional information section does not sync in order inside Google calendar

  • It would be worth paying more money to us if we could schedule multiple appointments at the same time.

  • We would like to see the availability to schedule two appointments at one specific time. For example, two 3oclock appointments.
    [3pm rocky jr] [3 pm gale ann.]
    [ 4pm Robert Castro ]

  • Will there ever be a multiple location option for businesses?

  • There is some way to export the appointment data to my CRM.

    My CRM is Salesforce.

    • Hi Edgar, we don’t currently have a way to directly export appointment data to Salesforce, but you can export your appointment data as an Excel spreadsheet. In your account, go to Settings > Account > Export Schedule. Configure your export options under Generate Report, click Submit, and once the report is generated you can click Export as Excel. I hope that helps!

      • Our business also uses an need a way to synch calendar functions to CRM. I see you have a two-way synch between Setmore and Outlook. What can you tell me about that? Salesforce has a synch to Outlook which may accomplish getting the appointments in salesforce.

  • Why clients can not use app to book appointment like we do?

    • Hi Tiara, clients will typically book appointments using your Setmore booking page. This is a standalone webpage that you’ll link to online, which customers can then access and schedule their own appointments. Here’s a quick introduction on the subject, from our support website:

  • When are you going to add an invoicing page. I would like to print receipts for the services. I have to use a different program.

  • Can you make it so that when we create a customer they are sent a setmore account login in their email so that they do not create a second account.

  • Why is the speed so low in Belgium? It takes ages to fetch appointments. There is also a big bug that prevents the appoiments from being fetched and returns a blanc calendar with no appointments

  • Please do appointment window booking, so window looks like this:

    Otherwise customer choose ex. 12pm and expect our designer to come at 12pm sharp, which is never going to happened.

    • Yes, I second this request also.

    • Well said, this has been an issue with us. We do call forwarding to a call center to take care of calls our in house customer service reps cant take care of during busy season. Customers expect us there at the very beginning of their appointment window and follow up to see where we are in turn causing them to call us and causing congestion of our phone lines.

    • Yes please do this!!!

  • Hey all! Thanks for reading the blog. If you’d like help setting up some of the more arcane features, take a look at these support articles for step-by-step instructions:

    Custom SMS reminders

    Callback URL

    Google Analytics

    • My biggest setback in using this app, is if you create a reoccurring appointment, you can not change it through your Mobil device…. I would like to be able to change all appointments with my phone verses logging in to my computer…. I would not ever use the computer if I could…