The Top 5 Features You Didn’t Know Setmore Offers.

Setmore was founded by thinkers and doers who created a lot of ingenious stuff, but some of those innovations were left to collect dust on an oft overlooked back shelf. I’ve had the wondrous opportunity to dig up these lost treasures and present them to you, here and now. These are the top 5 most overlooked and underused Setmore features.


#5 – Setmore Mobile App and/or Web App

It might seem obvious, but most people who discover Setmore online don’t know about our mobile apps, and vice versa. The moment you sign up for Setmore, your account becomes available across all these platforms. It’s connected on the back-end, so appointments made on one device show up on all others. Even if you don’t think you need the browser or mobile app, it’s still worth 5 minutes of experimentation to see if it offers any value to you.


Activating in-app notifications can be useful if you have the Setmore mobile app.


For instance, web app users can download the mobile app simply to enable push notifications – and now you’ll get a ding on your lock screen whenever appointments are booked. Pretty useful if you don’t want to stay plugged into your browser all the time.


#4 – Customizable SMS Reminders *Premium Feature*

To clarify, I’m not just trying to sell you on SMS reminders, for which you need Setmore Premium to deploy (although I should, because if auto-reminders spare you just one no-show in the month then it’ll already have paid for itself). Instead, this paragraph is about how to customize those text reminders.


With Setmore Premium, you can customize the text of the auto-SMS reminders.


In the Settings > Notifications > Customization menu, you can manually write your own texting template, complete with variable fields that will sub in the customer’s name, appointment time, service, provider, etc. This allows you to add a personal touch to your reminders, and a little humor goes a long way towards building trust, loyalty, and repeat appointments!


#3 – Callback URL

What’s a callback URL? When your customers reach the end of the booking page experience, they’re typically greeted with a button labeled “Book Another Appointment.” If you have the callback URL feature activated, they’ll also see a hyperlink that takes them wherever you want.


The Setmore Callback URL can be used to redirect customers to your social feed after they book an appointment.


Normally the end of the booking process means the end of the customer interaction, but now you can take it one step further. You could ask them to write a review, or (this is what I’d recommend) you could ask them to post to social media about their experience.


#2 – Staff Booking Pages

Ok, so I’ve already expounded on the marvels of the Setmore booking page. It’s the bee’s knees. But did you know that each of your staff members has their own booking page URL, too? These booking pages are specific to the service provider in question, so they’ll only show services and available time slots for that employee.


In Setmore, your staff members have their own booking page URL, which can help you promote their services.


This presents an enormous opportunity for staff to promote their own services and availability on their own websites, business cards, and social media accounts. This is especially useful to advertise last-minute openings on Twitter, with a direct link to booking for the chosen staff member.


And now, the most overlooked feature Setmore offers…


Drumroll please.


This animated gif shows a man playing drums while his feline companion bats her paws against a box flap.


Are you ready?


#1 – Google Analytics

This is the big one. The Google Analytics plugin offers the most bang for your buck and it doesn’t even cost you any bucks. Once enabled, Google Analytics will tell you how many users land on your booking page and where they came from, whether it’s your website, your social media pages, or a marketing campaign. When you know where most of your web traffic comes from, you’ll know where to focus your efforts.


Setmore allows you to enable Google Analytics tracking on your booking page, helping you understand where your internet traffic is coming from.


Is social media working out for you? Make more posts for your followers to share. Website doing well? Revamp the design and make it better. Marketing campaign paying dividends? Expand the scope of the media placement. Even if you don’t act on the information, knowing where most of your web traffic is coming from will give you a better understanding of how your online presence affects your business.


A Veritable Panacea

Setmore is a host of bootstrapping tools wrapped up in a humble scheduling solution, and you owe it to yourself to explore some of these features and see what works for you. The only possible downside are finger sprains from vigorous keyboard use, but the upswing is a more successful and Setmore-savvy you.


Thank you!


– The Setmore Team

Have you tried one or more of these five overlooked features? How did it work out for you? Bonus points if you already use all five!

Cassandra @ Setmore

by Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

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