Sync Appointments and Schedules From Google Calendar – Two Way Sync!

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By Setmore Appointments

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At SetMore, our mission is to help you manage and schedule appointments in the easiest possible way. That could mean letting you schedule appointments from your mobile (SetMore’s iPhone app is underway) or helping you see and re-schedule appointments from a third party calendar application like Google Calendar.

We are super excited to announce our newest feature – two way sync with Google Calendar. With two way sync turned on, you can sync appointments to your Google Calendar account and manage appointments like regular Google “events”.


It works like this.

Simply turn on two way Google calendar sync from your SetMore account and you’re all set. When customers book appointments from your online appointment booking page, your appointment calendar will be updated with appointment details and the same details will be synced to your Google calendar. You will be able to view all your appointments and schedules from Google calendar, without having to login to your SetMore account.

What’s more exciting is that you can re-schedule an appointment from Google Calendar, the changes will be instantly automatically updated in your SetMore appointment calendar. You can see your Google events in SetMore calendar and SetMore appointments in your Google calendar, as simple as that. Please note that Multiple day, all-day and repeating Google events are not supported as of now, we will be bringing the entire mix to SetMore soon.

How to turn on two way sync with Google Calendar?

To turn on two way Google calendar sync, login to your SetMore account, go to “Settings > Staff members” and hit the  “Sync with Google calendar” button. Also read our step by step guide on activating two way Google calendar sync and learn more on how it works.

Give two way calendar sync a spin and let us know your thoughts, questions and comments.

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  • Hi Cassandra!

    Your system looks great, but your google agenda (one sync) is not working at all.

    I have been testing it (reschedulling and canceling appointments on your platform), and google is not updating the infos (what is a big problem).

    I have been in touch with your support (see below), but they didn’t solve it.

    waiting a reply 🙂


    Hi. How may I help you?
    when I change a schedulle in setmore is not updating into google agenda

    Can I have your appointment details?
    Harmony XL agenda
    november 30

    Thank you. I will check your account from my end and get back to you with an update.
    ok. How long does it take?

    I will get back you within few minutes.

    I have checked your account, you have cancelled the appointment. Please have a look on this.

    Like I said: is the Harmony agenda
    and Not Lightsheer agenda

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please allow me some time. I will check with the appointment of Dr. Szerman for a Locação with Harmony XL, which has been moved to 30 Nov 2017 @ 08:00 AM.
    when I cancel an appointment also stays in google agenda
    I mean: it seam the sync is not working

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. In google one way sync, it will take some time to refreshing the calendar to reflect the changes. Google doesn’t mention about the time frame. So please wait for some time, the changes will sync into your Google calendar accordingly.
    so, do you have any idea how long does it take?
    because I made it 15 min ago
    this is a big problem to run my services, if I dont have a fast synvc

    Only Google two way sync can sync immediately. We are not sure about the time frame for Google one way sync.
    but if i get premium it will synd immediatly?

    Please wait for some time and let us know if still you’re facing an issue.
    14m ago. Not seen ye

    • Hi Guilherme, as far as I know, the support person you spoke with is correct. The one-way sync does not work instantly but takes some time to refresh data between Setmore and Google. Our two-way sync with Setmore Premium and Google does in fact sync instantly. I can check with our team to verify that the Google one-way sync is working as intended, but otherwise, this is a limitation with the one-way sync. Thank you for posting a comprehensive log about the issue!