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Customer Spotlight: NakedCherry Brings Vintage Customer Service Back.

Karen Metsos of NakedCherry yearns for the golden age of customer service. Times when an Audrey Hepburn-esque dame could enter a small shop and expect to be waited on by a smiling shopgirl or polite salesmen. It was a desire to get back to this level of true service that inspired the vintage, retro-chic feel of her waxing salon. “That seemed to be the only time where customer service set you apart from other shops,” she says. “That and everyone looks cute in vintage swing skirts.”


Karen had spent seven years in the U.K. before returning to her native South Africa. She was surprised by the lack of specialized salons, a dramatic difference from her experience working in the beauty industry in London. She decided to use her expertise to start up NakedCherry, a salon specializing in discreet, professional, cutting-edge hair removal. NakedCherry offers a wide variety of services from standard waxing to pulsed light removal.

Her main focus, however, is giving her male and female customers the same level of service as that bygone era. The NakedCherry goes to great lengths to ensure their customers feel individually pampered and at ease, even down to their appointment booking. Karen uses Setmore to allow her customers to book their own appointments online. “In South Africa, [hair removal] is still catching on slowly,” she explains. “I’m finding a lot of men prefer booking online, as they don’t really want to discuss their personals over the phone.” With the Setmore online booking app, her customers feel comfortable booking appointments directly from the NakedCherry website.

Karen’s favorite part of her job? “Making people feel good about themselves…with something as small as smoothness.”

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