Feature Focus: Book Appointments from Your Facebook Page

By Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

Facebook isn’t just for killing time and keeping in touch with distant friends. As a tool to help promote your business, it offers all the advantages of a standalone website, plus built-in content sharing tools. You can also empower your followers to book appointments with you online using Setmore.

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There are two ways to add your Setmore Booking Page to your Facebook business page: as a “Book Now” button, which can be done from a desktop/laptop or your smartphone; and with the Setmore plugin, which can only be installed from a desktop/laptop. We’ll cover both methods in the instructions below.

Before you do anything, you need a Facebook business page

This is different from a personal Facebook page. Setting up a business page is easy; just make sure to fill in your contact information and a full profile, including your company’s logo.

Installing the Setmore plugin

The Setmore plugin for Facebook will add a “Book Now” menu option on the left side of your Facebook page that opens your Booking Page in the main viewing screen. However, due to limitations with the Facebook platform, this button will not be visible on mobile devices (see the next section for a mobile-friendly option).

  1. In your Setmore account, navigate to the Apps & Integrations section, then scroll down and click on the Facebook card.
  2. Click the “Install” button and Facebook will open in a new tab. Next you’ll be prompted to specify which page to install the plugin to. Use the dropdown menu to select your business page and click the Add Page Tab button.
  3. The plugin is now added, but you still need to connect it to your Setmore account. Do this by navigating back to your business page and clicking the “Book Now” button that appears in your left-hand menu.
  4. A Setmore window will appear in the main viewing frame on your Facebook page. Simply enter the email address of your Setmore account and click the Connect button. The installation is now complete.

Now when customers click the “Book Now” button, your Setmore Booking Page will open up in Facebook’s main viewing area. Users can schedule an appointment and it’ll show up on your Setmore calendar.

Creating a “Book Now” button through “Add-a-Button”

“Add-a-Button” is a built-in button tool for Facebook that lets you link to a specific resource, in this case, your Setmore Booking Page. You can add a button from either your laptop/desktop browser, or directly from the Facebook mobile app.

  1. From your Facebook page, click the “+Add Button” button that appears below your header graphic.
  2. Specify the button type as “Book Now.”
  3. Next you’ll be prompted to provide a destination URL for the button. Paste your Booking Page URL here. Be sure NOT to click the checkbox for “Link to an app” – leave this unchecked.
  4. Finally, click “Add Button” or tap “Create.” The Book Now button is now live.

Now when customers click or tap the Book Now button (even from the Facebook mobile app), it will open up your Setmore Booking Page in a new browser window.

Smarter booking through social media

Now when customers click “Book Now” on your Facebook page, they’ll be directed to your Setmore Booking Page and can schedule an appointment with you. Any appointments booked this way will show up on your Setmore calendar, and all the email alerts and appointment reminders (if enabled) will be sent out automatically – all without you having to lift a finger.



– The Setmore Team

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  • What about conversion tracking using Facebook Pixel for those of us who advertise on Facebook?

  • Your front page needs to make it very clear that your business page needs to have 2000 likes before you can use Setmore. It will save a lot of frustration for people with a new business page that doesnt have that many followers yet!

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for letting me know. You can still use Setmore to book appointments, and you can still use the “Add-a-button” feature to link your FB page to your Setmore Booking Page, regardless of however many likes your page has. The only limitation here is being able to install and use the Setmore plugin, which adds a new “Book Now” tab to your FB page. I’ll work with our website team over the next week to make sure this is clear. Thanks again!

  • Hi Setmore team,

    I’ve managed to do the first step “Installing the Setmore plugin” but I’m not able to do the second one “Creating a “Book Now” button through “Add-a-Button” to be mobile-friendly. I don’t see the “+Add Button” below my header graphic. I wonder if Facebook have changed the location of this button.

    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Jerry, I assume you’re on your smartphone? The button is still there below your header graphic and your business title, just make sure you have your business Facebook page selected when you’re logged in.

  • Hi I’m trying to turn off the creation an appoitment on my business page as it doesn’t allow me to read the whole of the customers message? Can you help?? Kind regards Gillian

  • Hi I set your application on two of my very different fb business pages, thinking I will be able to modify details for services separately. So I set services for a first fb page (Counselling) but they appeared also in a second one – where are totally not applicable Therapeutic massage). How can I resolve this? Please help. Thanks.

    • Hi Suzana, it sounds like you might have synced the Facebook plugin for both pages to the same Setmore account. During plugin installation, you would have been prompted to connect your Facebook business page to the email address registered to your Setmore account. You can try uninstalling then reinstalling the Setmore Facebook plugin (go to Settings in the top right, then Edit Page from the left menu, then click on the Settings > Edit Settings for the Book Now tab and click “Remove”). If this doesn’t work, the next thing to do is to recreate your Therapeutic Massage Facebook page and do a fresh/clean install of the Setmore plugin.

      The final alternative is to simply not use the Setmore plugin, but instead use Facebook’s “Add a Button” Feature, which is covered in the video