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Coming Soon! Facebook App & WordPress Plugin.

We like to tell our customers that we’re developing new features all the time, and it’s true, we are! There are a couple of new features that we’re putting the finishing touches on right now, and we’re just so excited that we have to share them before they’re done.

Facebook Integration

What might end up being the most revolutionary feature is the Facebook App we’re developing. Soon, you won’t need a website to embed your Booking Page — when your customers find your business on Facebook, they’ll be able to book an appointment there and then, without ever leaving the site.


WordPress Plug-in

For our customers using WordPress, we’ll be releasing a plugin which will integrate your Booking Page into your existing site. Your customers will be able to book an appointment without ever leaving your website!

Look for these new features in the coming weeks!

Keep your feedback coming (email us anytime at, drop us a line at, or reach out on Twitter @Setmore), let us know what you think, and please let us know which features you’d like us to develop next!

Editor’s Note: This is an outdated post from 2012 and Setmore has been revamped with more features and a new look. Read the support article on how to add the Booking Page to your Facebook business page and also to your WordPress site to find out how the integrations work in the updated Setmore platform.

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