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Updates: Time Off.

We’ve recently added a third scheduling option for your staff members: Time Off.

In the days approaching the new year, we received plenty of feedback asking “Can an admin block out multiple days for closures or vacations?” Up until recently, you could, as an administrator, schedule staff members’ working hours and lunches or breaks, but you couldn’t explicitly schedule their time off in 30-minute or daily blocks. Now you can.

You wanted a simple, obvious method of scheduling holiday time, an easier way to block out vacations and mitigate any logistical questions of the “Did I just forget to schedule Larry, or is that the week he’s visiting his parents in Ohio?” nature. Making explicit time off part of SetMore’s scheduling functionality keeps us closer to our goals of simple and clear. It might not seem like this is a big deal, but how uncomfortable is it to answer—or make—a phone call asking “You’re scheduled to work. Where are you”?

Scary, right? Scheduled vacation time is one thing no staff member or business owner wants misunderstood.


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Under each Staff Member’s schedule (in your Settings tab), Time Off now sits as a quiet-yet-clear third option. You can schedule Larry’s regular working hours, along with his breaks, just like before. Only now, when he schedules time off to help his parents celebrate their 25th anniversary, SetMore records his time off as, well, Time Off. You can set Larry’s time off in blocks of days or blocks of time within a day, down to the half-hour.

That’s distinct from and much easier than marking Larry’s Working Hours as “off,” painstakingly setting each of Larry’s days off by using the Lunches/Breaks function, or even clunkier, scheduling “Don’t Schedule” appointments.

Now when your employee or staff member requests time off, Time Off records it explicitly, without confusion. Give it a try next time Larry needs a break.


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