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New Feature: Advanced Booking Time.

Time-management is one thing on paper. In the trenches, it’s an entirely different beast.

Our doozy of a feature update this week: advanced booking time limits.

One terrific benefit of using Setmore (and one we’re typically proud of) is its ability to take online appointments while you’re not even working. Whether it’s after-hours and you’re having dinner, or you’re on holiday, or even while you’re asleep.

Small business entrepreneurs who can either imagine or remember pre-internet commerce will appreciate this simple but profound truth about online business: It speeds things up.

Trouble is, instant booking can also be a bane for some Setmore users who need more than a moment’s notice to prepare for their clients. That equals… well, pretty much every Setmore user, including all you caterers, healthcare practitioners, photographers, stylists, therapists, and consultants out there. You want to promote your services. What you don’t want is to undermine your customers’ experiences by letting them book an appointment too soon for you to realistically prep.

Now you can set a specific time limit before newly scheduled appointments—fifteen minutes, a four hours, three days, whatever you’d like.

business hour

Do you only need ten minutes to sweep the floor before meeting your next appointment? Set the dial to ten minutes. Do you need two days to shop, prep and cook before your next tasting? You can set days-in-advance time limits (up to 29 days) as well. Setmore can set a barrier of minutes, hours or days before booking an appointment. It’s up to you.

  • Go to Settings > Business Hours.
  • Underneath “Time Zone,” you’ll see our new, sanity-maintaining “Book appointments”

By setting realistic expectations, your clients will appreciate this too. It shows you’re paying attention, that you’re prepared to give them your full attention when they arrive.

Enjoy your week!

Editor’s Note: This is an outdated post from 2012 and Setmore has been revamped with more features and a new look. Continue reading to learn more.

The Advanced Booking Time feature is now called the “Appointment Lead Time” and is one of the booking policies that enable Setmore users to determine how appointments can be booked.

Setting appointment lead time

1. Click Apps & Integrations and under Your Booking Page, click the Configure… button.


2. Choose Booking Policies and under Appointment Lead Time, use the dropdown menu to set the days, hours and minutes.

booking policy

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