Deployment Notes: October 2018

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Happy Halloween from us here at Setmore HQ. We held a costume contest this year but everyone showed up dressed as a JavaScript coder. Just kidding! But seriously folks, we can’t think of anything scarier than software bugs, so we’ve spent the bulk of this month squashing as many as possible. Thanks to our team’s hard work, this Halloween you can focus your fright on the things that matter, like making sure you have enough candy for voracious trick-or-treaters.

The Squish List:

2-Way Sync

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Internet Explorer users from enabled a 2-way Google Sync.

Booking Page

  • Customers who access the Booking Page from a mobile device can no longer select red “unavailable” dates.
  • The Booking Page will now properly show one “Loading” icon when loading available dates.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some appointments that were booked and paid for from the Booking Page to not immediately show on the user’s calendar.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some class attendees who booked and paid from the Booking Page to not be added to a class session.
  • Service costs on the Booking Page will now only show decimals if they contain a value. For example, a service cost of $100.00 will display as $100, while a service cost of $15.25 will still show as $15.25.

Customer Tab

  • On the Customer tab, the search bar is more readily interactive.
  • Appointments edited from the Customer tab will no longer drop to the bottom of the appointment list.
  • The Merge Customer button is now properly showing in the web app.
  • The Email form field will now properly validate if a text string includes the + symbol.
  • Clicking on “New Contact” updates in the activity stream will now open the customer’s profile in the Customer tab.

Design Issues

  • Fixed a design issue with deleting a class session or removing a class attendee from the calendar page.
  • Fixed a design issue with the Export Contacts to MailChimp menu.
  • Fixed a design issue with selecting a different timezone from the Booking Page.
  • Adjusted font settings in the Class Session menu to ensure uniform text treatment.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Setmore to incorrectly open the Apps & Integrations menu when a user was exiting the Stripe menu.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes redirected the user to the “Payment” tab after creating each new appointment.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Setmore to freeze after paying for an appointment, and then immediately creating a second appointment.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the “Next” button after adding new staff members during the signup process to not work properly.


  • When an account’s timezone is updated, email and text reminders will now automatically send according to the new timezone.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Appointment Details windows to incorrectly indicate which reminders were sent to a customer.

Stay tuned for future updates!
Thank you for reading 🙂

Committed to increased transparency and more responsive community outreach, Setmore will post monthly development updates to showcase some of our work and improvements made over the past 30 days.

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  • I have a problem when editing an appointment on Setmore, specifically when I change the date.
    The automated SMS reminder is sent the day prior to the ORIGINAL appointment date referencing the NEW appointment date, rather than being sent out the day before the new appointment. eg. I move an appointment from Monday this week to Monday next week using edit appointment. The SMS is sent out this Sunday for the appointment next week (instead of next Sunday)
    Can you please look into this?

  • Thank you for the update notes. I use Setmore to manage my dog grooming appointments. I have regular customers that are booked throughout the year and I receive daily calls from new customers wanting to know when my next free appointment is. I’m usually booked up about 5 weeks in advance and so have to scroll through the weeks looking for any gaps in my bookings to offer a new customer. It would be great to have a way to view all the available appointment dates in a list (soonest first) then click on a date to see the available time slots then click a time slot to book the appointment.

    • Hi Jeni, do you use the Booking Page to let customers book online? If so, you might be interested in the “Advance to First Available Appointment” feature. This will automatically forward customers to the first available appointment when they reach the date/time selection on your Booking Page. Here’s a quick how-to guide.

  • It would be great if you could make the customers address link to a map / nav app. I use setmore and visit many customers a day at their premises, tapping thier address in the customer page, and it loading in google maps for example would save me having to remember it and type it in to a nav manually.

  • On iPhone or iPad, using staff app we are all still having problems when, after adding a custom label, we cannot get out of there when we hit the “done” button. Sometimes it takes up to 20 pushes (really!) before we can get out of it and return to the previous screen and press “save”. Very frustrating..
    Apart from that and a couple of other bugs that I have reported, you will not find a better program anywhere on the Web for my kind of business (Driving School with 10 drivers and literally hundreds of students)! Love it!

  • thank you for updates. But we really need to be able to add customised /extra working hours and days without changing whole hours in settings. At the moment therapists are unable to take extra bookings on a specific day without changing their whole schedule. Please add this function eg an ‘Extra’hours tab would be great. Along with your current ‘block’ tab.


    • This is one of our most requested features. I’m lobbying for it internally and our team has a list of priorities they’re trying to clear our before they take on new stuff. Thanks for adding your voice!

    • I had that problem. I solved it by going to the little wheel under the man in the hat on the top right and clicking “enable off-hours bookings”. Then I could put in a double booking or any type of booking outside the employees normal working hours. Once I finished the booking, I went back and clicked the “disable off-hours bookings”. Everything went back to normal and the booking showed up in the calendar perfectly and my staff member received the booking change. Simple! Hope that helps!

  • This team has been awesome. Quick responses, quick updates, always listening to users. I use the android app on my phone, the iOS app on my iPad and windows app on my laptop. I jot a quick appointment from my phone, later when am freer, write the notes and everything from the tablet and manage everything(missed appointments, total income, new staff services)from my laptop with ease. Its a seamless process. The software suits my need. Praises need to go where it deserves. A big thanks from Mauritius. My business just started few months back. As soon as I hit a year, am coming to the premium version(I’ll be financially more stable). I started using this app, keeping in mind that this is just for the start of my business, and when my business grows I’ll move to big names. But I am so pleased, I will not be moving from setmore. Big up to the team. Keep up the good works. People will be people, don’t get discouraged by complains. It’s easier to complain than to compliment. Cheers

  • I have submitted this request already, however I would LOVE a reply-to feature when sending staff emails to reply to the customer instead of myself.

    • It’s in the final stages of testing. Our team is working with Square to get their final approval as well. Shouldn’t be long now!

      • What does that mean time wise? November 15th? Dec 1st? Jan 1st? I’ve heard that answer for months now and nobody will give me a date…

        • That’s the nature of the beast, Lesha. Our official launch is contingent on approval from the Square team, and internal satisfaction that the integration is stable enough for widespread adoption. Unfortunately we just can’t put a timeline to this, any date I give you would be subject to change. Really the best thing to do is just keep an eye on our updates, which I put out monthly here on the blog and weekly on our twitter/Facebook pages.

  • I’ve been having an issue with the calender jumping a week /month when using the next button. This is an issue I’ve had with the web version.

    • Hi Bec, are you by chance using Firefox? I’ve seen some internal reports that this happens in the Firefox browser, and our team is looking into it. Could you try Chrome or another browser and let me know if the issue happens there as well? Thank you.

  • Hi, I have been having a supporting conversation with someone there for a few days now, my Apple calendar is subscribed to my setmore calendar and has missed 3 appointments somehow. I need to be able to completely trust my Apple calendar has all of my setmore appointments in it and at the moment I can’t which is disappointing

    • Hi Leisa, I’ve been following the convo with our support team. We’re still looking into it, but I’d recommend trying to refresh your iCal calendars on your phone. This should tell iCal to request updated calendar info from Setmore. This article from Apple has more information on how to do this: (Scroll to “Refresh your contacts, calendars, and reminders”). I hope that helps!

  • All of our clients are complaining about not seeing their upcoming appointments from inside their accounts

    • Hi Nick, to clarify by “clients” are you referring to those with a customer login on your Booking Page, or staff members who have their own calendar in your account? The customer login issue may be related to customers accidentally having more than one login profile. If they log into different profiles consistently, not all appointments will be displayed. This can happen if the customer users different emails, or switches between email and social sign in (via Facebook or Google account) as they access your Booking Page.

  • I would like to see the mobile app update faster or at least better. Currently, you can be on the mobile app and if you haven’t logged out and back in, you may not receive update appointments. This has caused issues in my practice with med techs not showing up in the morning because their mobile app didn’t update an appointment that was scheduled later in the day, the day before.

    • Hi Brian, I’ve asked our dev team to look into this. In the meantime, please verify that everyone’s app version is up-to-date (go to the App Store or Google Play respectively and tap “update” if prompted). You can also tap and drag down on the calendar view to manually refresh it. I hope that helps!

  • I always look forward to the end of the month, when the update notes are released.

    However, I’m disappointed to see that the appointment disappearing issue has not been addressed or at least publicly resolved. My staff members are noticing that appointments will randomly disappear from the Windows app, and will only reappear when reloading the day. I can’t seem to determine what’s causing it, or how to replicate it. It’s safe to say that this happens a few times a day.

    Thankfully, no major appointments have disappeared and it has yet to cause a scheduling conflict.

    Fingers crossed that this has been reported already.

    • Hi Ben, what operating system are you using? To clarify, you’re using the Windows desktop app version of Setmore, right? Have you tried using the browser version of Setmore (log in at) and is the issue also happening in a web browser? If the issue isn’t happening in a web browser, I’d recommend using that while we investigate the Windows app issue. I’ll send a follow-up message in app so I can get additional info. Thanks!