Deployment Notes: December 2018

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The curtain closes on 2018, and on another high-volume batch of bug fixes. This month we introduced a new, more efficient way to check on your appointment reminders! The Square integration is also literally just around the bend and the hype plane is coming in for a landing, so please make sure your tray tables are in their upright and locked positions. Continue reading for details, below.

A new way to check reminder status

One of the most common support requests we get is about appointment reminders. Previously, Setmore would only tell you if a reminder was or wasn’t sent. We just launched a new “smart” reminder status window that will give you more detailed and more actionable information. To access this status window, click on any appointment in your Calendar tab to bring up the Appointment Details window. Then, click the “info” tooltip next to the Appointment Details header.

The Appointment Details window.

Here you’ll see when the appointment was created, when the reminder was sent, or the specific reason for failure if the reminder didn’t send. Here’s some additional items to note when checking your reminder status:

  • When customers report not receiving an email reminder, but the status window indicates a successful send: The email reminder most likely ended up in the customer’s spam folder. You can also double-check that the customer profile has the correct email address. Most people have more than one email address for personal/professional uses. Instruct your customer to check their spam folder, or add as a safe sender in their email client.
  • Sometimes reminder text messages are “blocked by phone carrier.” Many phone carriers will automatically block marketing or sales-oriented text messages. Setmore text reminders are transactional in nature, and we try to work proactively with carriers to ensure maximum uptime on our send rates. If you see this error message in your reminder status, you can try to simplify and remove any sales-oriented language from your text reminder template. (See Customizing Text Reminders in the support article here.)

We hope this feature will help you in managing your email and text reminders! But if anything comes up, you can always message us in-app for even more clarification if your reminders aren’t being sent.

Update on the Square integration

A smartphone showing the Square integration screen.

It shouldn’t be long now. We anticipate an official launch of the Setmore-Square integration sometime this January. And we already have hundreds of beta users successfully taking payments every single day. If you’re new to Setmore or haven’t been reading the deployment notes for the last few months, here’s a few reasons why the Square integration is such a big deal:

  1. You can use the Square integration with the free, basic version of Setmore. This is unlike the Stripe integration, which requires a Setmore Premium subscription.
  2. Finally swipe, tap, and dip cards to accept payments. Generate better in-person experiences with your customers when you don’t have to manually key-in card info.
  3. Payments round out your online booking experience. This integration shortens the distance between service delivery and profit, making it easier to run your business.

As you might expect, with something as important as payment processing, we’re being extra careful to make sure all of our t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Hence the long wait. But we know it’ll be worth it.

The Squish List: bug fixes and refinements


  • Republic of Ireland is now listed under the country selector.
  • A scroll bar will now appear if a service description is overly long.
  • Updating the label for a recurring appointment will now occur instantly instead of waiting for a refresh.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from activating the beta Square integration.
  • Fixed multiple typos in the Finnish, German, Italian, French, and Russian language settings.
  • Changing options in the Settings > Account tab will no longer cause the window to revert to the Notifications tab.

Booking Page

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the Google Maps pin from showing.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused “Contact Fields” under Booking Policies to disappear.
  • When entering Greek language characters into customer Contact Fields, the fields will now properly save their inputted values.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some special characters to be replaced by code when displayed on the Booking Page.
  • When translating the Booking Page in a Chrome browser, all page elements will remain interactive as intended.


  • It is now possible to edit a double-booked appointment after deactivating double booking.
  • Custom Contact fields will again properly display in the customer intake form when adding a new customer from the Calendar tab.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented selecting an existing customer when booking an appointment.
  • Rescheduling appointments to a new staff member’s calendar will now instantly reflect in separate browser tabs, if opened.


  • In the Session Details window, clicking on the session name will no longer close the window.
  • On creating a new class session, when selecting a category, the form field names will no longer disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused customer Contact Fields to not update correctly when booking a class session.

Customer Profile

  • The reschedule link in the Setmore confirmation email can now only be used to reschedule the appointment once. (Customers can reschedule any subsequent appointment for the given appointment slot from the newest/latest appointment confirmation email.)
  • Recurring appointments listed in the Customer Login’s “My Schedule” page will now correctly display in chronological-descending order.
  • Fixed a design issue with the intake form for customers who attempt to reschedule from the Setmore confirmation email.
  • Duplicate class sessions will no longer display in the Customer Login’s “My Schedule” page.


  • On creating a new account, updating working hours for the selected staff member will now immediately reflect on the calendar page.
  • The signup process will no longer freeze if you lose and restore your internet connection.

Stay tuned for future updates!
Thank you for reading 🙂

Committed to increased transparency and more responsive community outreach, Setmore will post monthly development updates to showcase some of our work and improvements made over the past 30 days.

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  • Will the Square integration allow us to charge for an entire amount when multiple appointments (ie, one appointment with multiple services) are chained together?

    • Hi Wayne, great question! Unfortunately the way Setmore handles multiple services in an appointment, it will still be broken up by individual services placed back-to-back on your calendar. You can manually process a payment and add on the additional services to a single appointment instance, and thereby come up with a sum charge of all services rendered into a single transaction. But as of yet the system will not sum the service costs for you.

      This works differently if your customers are paying upfront for their services from your Booking Page. When customers add multiple services and go to complete checkout/confirm the booking, Setmore will automatically sum up their service cost and it will all be processed as one charge.

      We recognize the challenges in this particular setup and we have plans for making the whole process more efficient, but it may be some time before those changes are developed and deployed. I hope that helps! Thanks for commenting.

      • Thanks Cassandra,

        We appreciate your attentiveness to all issues raised on this platform, However I would like to highlight that multiple services as multiple appointments (reality one appointment) is arguably the largest failing that Setmore has as a platform.

        I am extremely keen to see this addressed, for this reason we will ultimately either love Setmore enough to sign up for a premium account or we will end up on a competing platform (Its that big of an issue), here’s hoping its the former.

  • Hello! Thanks for the updates. Anyway we can see if a client respond to the text reminders? For example Y to keep the appointment N to cancel it. Or simply send text to our account?

    Also, what is the possibility of being able to list two different emails on an appointment? I work with students but would like the student and the parent to get the email notification. At the moment, I have to forward each appointment email notification to the other party.

    • Hi Ayo, text reminders are currently “do not reply,” so if users reply Y or N, it will go into the ether and there’s no way to retrieve that reply. For your second question, currently there’s only one customer email spot per appointment, there’s no way to add a “cc email to” or anything like that. It’s a good idea though, and I’ll add it to our submission backlog for our development team to consider. I hope that helps!

  • Hi, I use Square already. Do I need to do anything when the integration happens?

    • Hi Caroline, you’ll just need to run through our quick setup process to integrate Square with your Setmore account. Then you can take payments for appointments in Setmore, or enable payments from your Booking Page.

  • Hello

    I have fortnightly opening hours as I train clients around my full time job which is a fortnightly roster. As I cannot set my opening hours up based on a fortnight and only weekly I have to individually go through every day and block out the hours that I am not available. This takes me along time.

    It would also be very helpful to be able to set up appointments to repeat fortnightly too.

    Ability to copy and paste blocked out times and appointments, this would speed things up a lot.

  • The new info tooltip is very useful, thank you! It’s a great tool for figuring out which employee booked a specific appointment, in case confusion arises.

    I have a couple of feature requests, they might not be feasible but it never hurts to ask!

    First request is the option to enable payment-on-booking for only specific services, rather than having to enable it on all of them, as well as a “deposit” option, so the customer pays only a certain percentage of the full price up front. (I suppose we could just list the price in our online-booking as the deposit, but I doubt people wouldn’t just think the services got super cheap all of a sudden, even if we write in all caps it’s just a deposit. But it will do, if a deposit option is not viable.)

    My second request is a bit more complicated. On our booking page we have the time intervals people can pick set to 15 minutes, because we have one employee who primarily does 15-30 minute services, but we also have an employee who does only 60+ minute services. Problems arise when people book appointments online with the second employee, because it often creates 15-30-45 minute gaps in their calendar that they’re unable to fill. So what I’m asking is, if it would be possible to assign service-specific time intervals on the online-booking page.

    For instance, let’s say we have a 60 minute service, and a customer goes to book it online. Instead of being presented 15 minute intervals like usual, they would only be presented the first available timeslot and then one every 60 minutes afterwards if 60 minute intervals have been chosen for that particular service. I have currently jury-rigged a system of slot-blockers to accomplish something to this effect, but I have to manually insert and remove them as the appointments I have made available get booked. It would be very nice to have it integrated into the online-booking page, if possible.

    And those are my requests! We’re very happy with Setmore and have converted some colleagues in our field to use it as well, and these monthly updates are fantastic. I regularly get calls from people trying to sell us other booking systems, but after I mention all the features and service we get with Setmore they get real quiet, real fast 😉

    Thank you!

  • Will the stripe payment service be taken off, I have started using stripe and would prefer to enable the customer to pay for a service while in their home using the setmore app on mobile. Stripe does not offer this sadly.

    • Stripe Payments for appointments will be available in both iPhone and Android apps by the end of next week. For Class booking sessions, it will be available in the mobile apps by the end of Feb 2019.

  • is there a way after an appointment has been made that we can edit the details in the appointment, without the client getting email updates of every change we make to it?

    • Hi Trudi, we’re aware of this issue. It’s on the team’s backlog. I don’t have an ETA at this time. Thank you for commenting!

      • This feature is already available on the desktop browser whereby in edit you just untick the “Send Reschedule Email” box before saving the changes. The problem is with the mobile app only.

        • Hi Matt, you’re correct. The Setmore web app prompts you before sending the reschedule email and you can choose not to. However, we are working on making those prompts smarter so they don’t show up if all you’re doing is changing the notes on the appointment, for example.

  • I’m going to assume that the new update for email status works only for the web version and not mobile version. I’m someone who pretty much just use my phone for scheduling and pretty much everything setmore. I’m rarely on the web version. I actually don’t have a computer or laptop at work to use to check the status so not quite useful in my case but a great update. I wish there was more options on the mobile app like on the website.