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Brand customer relationship

Brand-customer relationships: 72% prefer buying directly from brands.

Businesses have a great opportunity to go beyond just transactions; people want more meaningful connections and a sense of belonging. With marketplaces offering a never-ending list of options, your brand can stand out by offering a personalized experience.

Why is personalization important? Because it gives your customers one-of-a-kind experiences and highlights what makes you special. And our recent study backs it up*. See the full report.

Your customers champion your brand.

72% of customers want their favorite brands to keep all their profits. Marketplaces are seen as spots to compare prices or grab the best deals. But, in this race to the bottom, businesses might get undercut with extra charges, premiums, or fees for better exposure.

Do consumers really favor marketplaces? When they’re part of your community, they champion your success. Quality services count, but it’s the impact you have on your audience that truly counts.

Buying directly from the brand strengthens the customer-brand relationship, elevating the shopping experience for everyone. Connect payments to your personalized Booking Page and enable clients to book and pay directly in one go.

82% of consumers want direct communication with businesses they buy from

Strong consumer-brand relationships flourish with direct and effective communication. It’s more than just using first names in emails; it’s about listening actively, promptly addressing concerns and providing tailored solutions. 

Tailor messages to fit each customer’s preferred channel – email, phone, social media or chats. Consistent multi-channel content marketing personalization builds strong one-on-one connections and lasting brand loyalty. Why not add a ‘Book now’ button to your website and social media for easy appointment scheduling across all platforms?

58% were disappointed after purchasing from a marketplace based on a low price.

Competitive pricing attracts customers, but real brand growth springs from personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences. Businesses that understand and cater to customer desires excel at fostering lasting relationships.

Nailing the perfect price is key. Discounting services might cheapen your brand. Tailor prices to your target market, and loyal customers will fuel your success.

Why personalization marketing is key to your brand-customer relationship strategy

Adding personalization to your brand isn’t easy, but it is a vital part of connecting with your audience. It’s all about tailoring your services and interactions to individual customer preferences for better engagement and satisfaction.

It all starts with an understanding of your customers:

Strong brands make lasting connections

Personalization isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a powerful tool that can revolutionize brand-consumer relationships. Consumers want more; they crave connections with the businesses they support.

Brands that offer personalization build loyalty, trust and succeed outside a competitive marketplace. To give customers a direct path to booking an experience with your business, start FREE now. 

*We surveyed 6,000 online marketplace users in the US, UK, and Canada for our recent study conducted with OnePoll

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