Accept Square payments online.

Take payments in advance or in-person with the Setmore-Square integration.

accept online payments with square
  • Keep tabs on revenue

    Connect your Setmore and Square accounts to process and track payments for every appointment.

  • Simple, secure payments

    Take digital, credit card and debit card payments straight from your Booking Page and calendar.

  • Reduce no-shows

    Request prepayment on your Booking Page and boost your customers’ commitment to attend.

Your all-in-one online booking and payment system.

With this free and flexible integration, your customers are able to book and pay for your services in one go. Your Booking Page displays options for Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App, in addition to credit and debit card.

You and your staff members can also accept payments in-person through your calendar, making point-of-sale a piece of cake.

Enable the Setmore-Square integration.

  1. Log into your Setmore web account and navigate to Apps & Integrations > Square > Activate.
  2. Enter your Square username and password to allow Setmore to connect.
  3. To accept payments from your Booking Page, head to Settings > Payments > Booking Page.

Check out our support article for illustrated setup instructions.

Get booked and paid fast.

Adding a payment gateway to your Booking Page enables customers to pay ahead of time. It’s quick and convenient, so all they need to do is turn up.

With the Magstripe Reader, you can also accept payments using your iOS or Android device. Cut down on invoicing and get paid no matter where your work takes you.

Track every transaction from one place.

Make bookkeeping a breeze by processing all of your digital, card and cash payments through Setmore. Whether your customer pays in full or part, the details appear in your payment dashboard instantly. They also receive an automatic email receipt.

To help save even more time, transaction details can be synced with accounting apps like QuickBooks.

More ways to pay.

With mobile and digital payments rising in popularity, your customers expect more options at checkout. The Square integration also enables them to pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App.

Not only that, they can pay for in-person and virtual appointments through your Booking Page, website, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Get paid via Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App - all with one powerful integration.

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For more information, check out our Support Center.

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